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Temporary Insurance

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 Temporary Insurance
Temporary Insurance

A temporary insurance plan is specifically great for the people who know that they may be with no coverage for a short quantity of time only. Fresh graduates, students and the individuals between employments are good candidates for temporary insurance. Such insurance normally provides coverage for from one month to 2 months, on the basis of the customer's requirements. To be eligible for such insurance, majority of the states as well as the insurance providers may want the customers to be healthy and young (not over the age of 69 years). Some of the plans are permitted to expand coverage to the customer's family or to his or her dependants; however, the choice differs by state and insurance company.

Benefits of Temporary Insurance

Temporary medical insurance provides some benefits on buying a long-term plan; however, you should be in a situation where temporary insurance is the only option to avail. Temporary insurance plans are cheaper during their small tenure than conventional family or individual health insurance plans. Such plans also provide more suppleness than the conventional health insurance plans, included of the exclusion of any long-term assurance. They typically provide a broader array of coverage choices than conventional insurance that allows you to elect how much you will spend for monthly premiums and how much coverage you require.

Drawbacks of Temporary Insurance

The main negative aspect of a temporary insurance plan is that normally such plan is not renewable. Once the stipulated period of time is over, you will be back to square again and then you have to once again face the hassles and bear additional cost of buying an all new insurance policy. Moreover, and probably more significantly, most of the temporary health insurance plans do not provide coverage for prescribed medicines. If you are suffering from any long-tem ailment, you should keep the point in mind; since you may need prescribed drugs often during that period of coverage.

Majority of private insurance providers provide several editions of temporary insurance policies; some of them even provide the special option of maternity insurance. Along with the insurance companies, you can also get detailed information on temporary insurance plans from local and state governments. Even though, they don't sell such plans but can provide you with information on different insurance companies and agencies that sell such plans.

Temporary Insurance

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