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Ten Year Term Life Insurance Plan

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 Ten Year Term Life Insurance Plan
Ten Year Term Life Insurance Plan

10 Years Term Life Insurance

The 10-year term policies lets you lock your premium rates for a period lasting ten years and rates remain unchanged during this time, whereas rates for a permanent life policy increase over the years.


Buying a 10-year term policy is recommended because it offers a high degree of financial security for your dependant family members in the event of your untimely death. For example, if you buy this policy at the time your child is eight years, you can ensure he has enough funds to take care of his college education ten years later in case you are not around then. Death benefits from this term policy help your family realize their financial goals even in your absence. Payouts in such a policy are typically higher compared to permanent insurance solutions. The coverage stays the same through the entire duration of the policy term.

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Ten Year Term Life Insurance Plan

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