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Understanding Low Income Health Insurance

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 Understanding Low Income Health Insurance
Understanding Low Income Health Insurance

Understanding Low Income Health Insurance

It won't be wrong to say that offering health insurance cover to employees was sort of a trend among majority of employers in the United States. However, things have changed considerably these days and due to factors like ever increasing cost of healthcare and plans, employers are less inclined to offer insurance to employees. Also, quality of low income health insurance is less than what it was in the past.

All things considered, Americans are finding it tough to find affordable insurance. Increased health insurance premiums are outpacing the rate of inflation, making it tough to even get reasonable group prices.

About State Assisted Health Insurance

As process of health insurance plans are quite high, millions of Americans are uninsured. For some low income families, the federal Medicaid program administered by the states could be the best health insurance. But besides, being in low income category, the applicant must also fulfill other eligibility criterions to receive Medicaid benefits. You can get more information on this by contacting centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The Medicaid program also has a waiver process by using this states are able to propose changes to the way Medicaid program is administered. Massachusetts has received approval for a waiver in order to get critical funding needed to implement its landmark health care reform law. This law mandates, everyone should have a have health insurance as everyone is required to have car insurance. Under the waiver process, states have been finding ways to expand the Medicaid program thus providing low income medical insurance for individuals and families who otherwise could not afford coverage.

Health insurance plans for low income families with children is also available. In 1997, Congress passed legislation creating the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for those families with incomes too high to qualify for the Medicaid program. Now, all states have SCHIP programs for low income families with children. The income eligibility guidelines vary state to state and subsidies taper off as incomes rise to three times the poverty line.

The government also provides subsidies to individuals in need by helping then purchase affordable health insurance. Providing low income health insurance for families is the right thing to do and it makes sense. People with no health insurance to get sick at times and many ends up needing emergency medical services and receiving free health care there as any hospital getting federal funding cannot refuse treatment to needy.

Understanding Low Income Health Insurance

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