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Understanding Universal Health Insurance Plans

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 Understanding Universal Health Insurance Plans
Understanding Universal Health Insurance Plans

Understanding Universal Health Insurance Plans

Even government understands the importance of life insurance in people's life and always on look out for ways to offer cover to those who cannot afford it. Universal health insurance, also called universal health care/universal medical insurance, is a healthcare system where all residents of a certain geographic or political entity receive health care at no cost to the individual. Under this system, all individuals, with or without pre-existing medical condition or financial status, is entitled to get healthcare. It might vary depending on the system and some medical conditions mayn't be covered or may be only partially covered under the healthcare system.


Though, majority of universal health insurance systems are funded via taxes, yet some are funded privately and others are mixture of public and private funding. Another universal medical insurance system uses single-payer method where single entity say government-run organizations manage all fees paid into it along with healthcare expenses.

Why Universal Health Insurance System is Needed

There are both favorable and unfavorable arguments against setting up universal health insurance system within the United States. Though, it's not a prevalent method, yet states like Massachusetts and California reflects the ideas of universal medical coverage. Below are mentioned some arguments given in favor of setting universal health insurance system:

  • Health care is a human right, everyone should have it
  • Ever increasing prices of healthcare will ultimately make healthcare unaffordable for everyone
  • It will offer everyone health benefits and will save lives of those who might forgo treatment due to lack of insurance or costs
  • Profit motives of healthcare provider adversely affects quality of healthcare
  • A centralized database of medical information could potentially make diagnosis and treatment easier for physician
  • Providing healthcare to everyone will decrease the amount of diseased people who might spread the condition

As per suggestion of advocates of universal health, the U.S. government should consider establishing and sponsoring universal health insurance options, giving citizen allocation of funds to help pay for insurance. Under this system, the elderly and poor should be given larger amount. As larger plans are more expensive, government would include basic levels of insurance up to more comprehensive coverage. Insurance plans would involve more coverage for preventative care to encourage healthier lifestyles, thereby preventing the spread of disease.

What Went Wrong with Universal Health Insurance in the US

There's no universal health insurance program in the United States due to several arguments against the implementation of universal medical insurance system such as:

  • Poor quality of healthcare and services.
  • An increase in wait time for healthcare.
  • Increases tax nationwide.
  • Complicated "red tape" and less efficient due to government-run organizations.
  • There are already some systems in place to ensure the healthcare of individuals with chronic disease and low income.
  • Health care is not a right as everyone has the right to choose how much health care they are willing to pay for.
  • Private organizations and profit motives lead to greater cost control through efficiency and capitalism.

Understanding Universal Health Insurance Plans

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