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 UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance
UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance

An Overview on UnitedHealthOne Insurance

Golden Rule (GR), a UnitedHealthCare company, is the nationís one of the biggest medical insurers since the beginning of last decade.

The company offers a bunch of medical insurance services and products to people under the brand name of UnitedHealthOne (UHO). The products may include health plan, high deductible plan, health savings account or HSA, temporary plan, co-payment plan and dental plan.

The Company

These days, UnitedHealthCare (UHC) caters to over 25 million Americans. By the end of 2009, the company reported to provide quality medical insurance services through different types of health plans from more or less 600,000 doctors and over 5,000 hospices across the American states as well as 4 large foreign markets.

Moreover, the company is a strong and steady one to serve the U.S. people.

GR also has significant contribution in Americaís healthcare as well as medical insurance sector. By means of its experience and skill, the company has built easy-to-handle medical insurance products like HSAs. In reality, UHC and GR are largest American HSA plan providers.

The HSAs help its accountholders save tax-deferred dollars for healthcare expenditure. Both the companies are also in the field of high deductible medical plans that offer cataclysmic coverage against low premiums per month.

Customer care from Golden Rule

Both GR and UHC care for their plan members; it comes as the top priority to them. As of 2008, over 90% of the total claims were taken care of within only ten business days or even less. Through the toll-free number, GR promptly replies to all sorts of customer queries. Along with the best quality customer care, GR and UHCís wide and efficient network of physicians and hospices, the companies offer up to 45% rebates on their healthcare services.

Golden Rule Now

Presently, GR offers their unique medical plans in 40 states as well as DC. The company does its best to provide the customers with the best healthcare and insurance solutions to substantiate health to every American.

Both UHC and GR belong to UnitedHealth, traded on NYSE as UNH. Itís a Fortune 50 company. UHO is the brand name under which all insurance related services and products from GR, UHC and PacifiCare are being sold.

The business of Golden Rule

Through 6 decades of successful business, GR has set up an economically robust and steady company. It keeps creating new plans and policies that fulfill healthcare related requirements of the Americans. A.M.Best has rated it as ĎAí, while it is rated as ĎA+í by S&P. These global self-governing companies analyze and furnish ratings for different companies. High ratings from both of these companies prove the GRís and UHCís financial robustness and stability.

Options from Golden Rule

If you want to evaluate quotes from GR, check what they offer by visiting their official web portal. But, if you want to talk to an agent from the company for knowing more about their services and products, you can get the service for free by filling out a simple secured online form. It would help you get the list of agents that work in your locality. They are likely to offer you quotes from other companies too. Now compare GRís quotes to the others and choose the best according to your need and budget.

UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance

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