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Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company

Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company

The health insurance industry has given the state of Michigan its answer in the form of the affordable health insurance company, Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company. Alliance Health is a subsidiary of the Health Alliance Plan which in turn acts as a subsidy to the Henry Ford Health System. The latter is one of the most nationally well known private insurers at the regional level. As for Health Alliance Plan, the company has been in this business for more than four decades now and has consistently kept up with the expectations of its members.

The history of Health Alliance Plan goes back to 1956. At this time the President of United Auto Workers (UAW), Walter Reuther felt the need for a plan that would be far removed from traditional options. This was the direct consequence of the lack of affordability traditional insurance was associated with. Thus an association of doctors was formed which decided upon offering health insurance to workers at affordable rates. Four years down the line, the Community Health Association was initiated considering that the workers of UAW required easy access to medical health services. After twelve years in the industry, the Community Health Association was taken over by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Hence, in 1972, the CHA came to be known as the Metro Health Plan. In 1979 came the big event when Metro Health Plan entered an understanding with Metropolitan Hospitals and Centers and Henry Ford Hospital to form what is now known as the Health Alliance Plan.

As a subsidiary, Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company offers products created by the Health Alliance Plan. The organization has plans in all the major plan categories including Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Exclusive Provider Option (EPO) and Point of Service (POS) plans. The organization also offers EPA plans that are similar in structure to that of Health Maintenance Organization plans. The only difference this one has with HMOs is that the former does not allow members to venture out of the provided network. Apart from that EPA plans have Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) on them to offer advice and referrals (a feature similar to HMOs). PPO plans offered by Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company are quite popular since they let members decide whether they want to avail services by contracted providers or not. But if you have a mind to save more on health insurance, youd do better by opting for POS plans offered by the organization. High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) are available for those who are aiming to lessen the premium amount.


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