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Altius Health Plans

Altius Health Plans

Coventry Health Care Inc is a name that America has trusted for years now. As a well- known managed care company, Coventry is situated in Maryland and serves a wide base of customers. From individuals to employer groups to groups at the Federal level, Coventry’s products and services reach out to a major section of the society. Coventry excels in the health insurance business simply because it believes in benefiting its members to the greatest extent possible. With customer care as a major company highlight, Coventry Health Care Inc continues to grow and thrive with its members having access to only the best. Altius Health Plans is a part of Coventry Health Care Inc.

Coventry Health Care Inc has been operating in the United States for the last 22 years now, considering that it was initiated in 1986. Over the years business has expanded dramatically and the organization now serves 22 states. With 15, 000 employees to deliver quality service, Coventry has a massive provider network of nearly 5000 hospitals, about 64, 000 retail pharmacies and about 6, 00, 000 experienced medical professionals.

As an individual you can choose from three types of Altius plans- Peak Plus Traditional, Peak Plus 70% Plan and Peak Plus 80% Plan. The Peak Plus Traditional offers the flexibility of a typical indemnity plan with innumerable deductible choices for both individuals and families. While individuals can choose from deductibles of $500, $1000 and $2000, families need to pay exactly double in each category. Please note that these rates are strictly meant for participating providers. For ones that are beyond the network, individuals need to fork out $1000, $2000 or $4000. Again, families have to pay double in each category. Benefits include long term care home health care and hospice care being covered areas, Durable Medical Equipment and sterilization procedures apart from several others.

The Peak Plus 70% Plan too has deductible choices to increase flexibility for members. In case of participating providers, individuals have two deductible choices to choose from- $1000 and $2000. In the same category, families can make their selection of either $2000 or $4000 as deductible amount. Individuals who intend to avail out- network provider service have to pay either $2000 or $4000 as deductible. Families, in this case, have to pay exactly double. Consulting participating providers give you access to a lifetime maximum of $2 million and in case of non- participating providers, it comes down to $1 million. Benefits include office visits, emergency care, chiropractic care, inpatient and outpatient services and many more.

The Peak Plus 80% Plan lets individuals choose from deductibles of $0, $250, $500 and $1000 and families from $250, $500, $1000 and $2000. With non- participating providers the amounts double for both individuals and families. Benefits include emergency care, inpatient and outpatient services, major lab tests and much more. Like all the other plans, in order to be eligible for maternity care you will need to pay a deductible of $7500 for each instance or occurrence.


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