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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia

As the primary objective of Anthem BCBSVA has been to improve the health of the people of the state, it offers some of the best healthcare insurance plans for the residents. These include the Anthem ByDesign Health Savings Account (HSA), Anthem BlueCare, Individual Essential KeyCare, Anthem KeyCare, Individual KeyCare Preferred, Individual KeyCare Health Savings Account (HSA) and short options. These plans come with different features to meet the different needs of the individuals and their families.

The Individual Essential KeyCare is designed to make individual health within the reach of more residents of Virginia. This is to offset the high medical costs that one has to bear during healthcare and check-ups. The plan also helps the member to purchase medical coverage in addition to the one they have to meet the ever increasing needs. Members get access to the wide network of providers in Virginia.

The Individual KeyCare Preferred is another plan to lower the medical expenses of the members as one can meet the doctors and hospitals that are within the ambit of Anthem BCBSVA. The network covers 85% of doctors in the state of Virginia. Members have the power to visit non-network providers. There is no need for any referrals irrespective of whether the provider is within or outside the network.

The Anthem BlueCare plan provides the member with coverage, different wellness resources and alternative medicine programs, as well as the freedom to select any doctor, healthcare professional or hospital to get the best healthcare. Another advantage of this plan is that a member can access additional services like prenatal and disease management services and discounts for any vision care as well as alternative medicine services.

The Anthem KeyCare comes with the benefits, wellness resources and alternative medicine programs to remain in the best of health. Members of Anthem KeyCare have access to meet any provider. The member has to pay less if a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network is accessed, though they can use a health care provider outside the network by sharing a bigger cost.

To go about providing quality healthcare, the members of Anthem BCBSVA are asked to get preventive screenings. The members are urged to go for frequent check-ups to know the latest health conditions. Anthem BCBSVA also conducts programs that are aimed to disseminate information about health care so that an individual can manage any chronic health conditions. In this regard, the wide network of healthcare professionals of Anthem BCBSVA acts as a conduit to maintain the health of its customers.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia is also involved in providing other services in addition to healthcare. These include dental coverage, pharmacy benefits management and life insurance. All these services are aimed at providing a better and comprehensive health care and well-being of the members of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia.


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