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Arizona Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield - Arizona (AZ)

BCBSAZ or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona is now one of the largest Insurance Company serving to about 1.8 billion people of Arizona. It is also one the 42 independent licensees of the BCBS or Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. It has one of the largest participating members as physicians employees etc. Infact about 6,900 physicians and 1358 people serve for the Insurance Company. They are hard working and always at the service for clients whenever the need be. There is also some huge number of Hospitals under BCBSAZ.

Plans: Following are the health plans specifically designed for the people who are not already insured from their employer like:

  • Blue Preferred or PPO
  • Blue Preferred Saver or PPO –HSA Compatible
  • Blue Preferred Basic or PPO-High Deductible
  • Blue Classic or Indemnity
  • Blue Classic Saver or Indemnity –HSA Eligible
  • Blue Select or HMO

Programs: A number of programs are available for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona. This is because they believe in providing high class services to its clients. So a service does not only end at providing the plans but to provide awareness regarding health and information about different aspects of the company. They have the following programs as:

  • Network Providers
  • Blue Net Online services
  • Health Promotion and Management
  • Complementary Medicine Discount Program

They have decided to keep their clients informed all the time to provide excellent services. This is made possible through online links and it is now the most trusted Insurance provider of all.


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