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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island

The people at BCBSRI try their level best to give complete peace of mind to its members by providing affordable and the best healthcare available to them. The team of BCBSRI is working round-the-clock in this mission and this they do as follows:

  • Provide the best health insurance to a wide section of customers that includes employees, unemployed people, businessmen and self-paid individuals.
  • Providing those individuals with no health care insurance with health care.
  • Make sure that BCBSRI remains a financially viable entity and has the necessary resources to keep itself going its endeavor.
  • Make necessary contribution in improving the medical as well as preventive services in Rhode Island.
  • Work for a coherent and comprehensive healthcare system for the residents of Rhode Island.

BCBSRI is actively involved in numerous charity works which it achieves through its Blue Angel Outreach program. The organization serves to over 200 non-profit agencies every year, most of which are health related organizations. To make the Community Outreach Program a reality, BCBSRI has employee volunteers who are actively working for the community in the different sponsored events of the organization along with other charitable events of their own choice. Volunteerism is a major part of the work done by the BCBSRI with half of the employees involved in this act round the year.

To make volunteerism easier, there are Volunteer Solutions which is a software tool that tracks and at the same time promotes different volunteer activities by networking the database of Volunteer center in the Rhode Island. The good works of the volunteers are recognized by BCBSRI through different ways that include 'Recognition Week' in the form of thanks tokens like a cup of hot coffee, complementary lunch or some other gift items. There is also the Dollars for Doers whereby the volunteer employees could win a $120 as grant for donating to some non-profit organization that they like to offer. There is also the Champion Grant program in which a financial donation is made to the non-profit agency where the employee has worked for a considerable period of time.

The Health Grants of BCBSRI are aimed at improving the quality of health and life of the people of the Island. The areas of focus for getting the grant are mental health, health literacy and obesity. However, the grants are not given to individuals, religious agencies, organizations working on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, creed, ethnicity, disability, agencies that have received BCBSRI grants in the last couple of years, research programs, political veterans and labor organization.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island has different plans that take care of its customers in every situation and in every stage of life to keep him or her stay healthy. The different plans of BCBSRI include Group Plans, Individual and Families Plans, Rite Care Plan and People with Medicare Plans. The Group Plan comes with different options like Health Mate Coast to Coast, Blue Chip Coordinated Health Plan, Retiree Plans, Blue Cross Dental, Consumer Driven Health Plans, Classic Blue, Essential Care 4 and 5 and Pharmacy coverage. In the Individual and Families Plan, there is the Health Mate Coast to Coast, Blue Cross Dental Direct and Health Mate for HSA Direct.

The best part of these plans is that one gets a comprehensive coverage in medical care along with prescription drugs. One also gets accessibility to the vast network of BCBSRI as well as non network providers. There are no need of referrals and no requirement of claims to avail in-network services. The members get such health care plans like 2006 Blue Chip for Medicare, Blue Medicare Rx and Plan 65. The organization also provides health benefit program for the federal employees.


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