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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Texas - Blue Cross and Blue Shield

It all started in 1939 when Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas began its operation to provide healthcare to those who were unable to bear the cost of it. Over the years, BCBST began providing insurance coverage for many health related illnesses for the first time in the state. These included coverage for cancer treatment, infants from birth, catastrophic illnesses, and coverage for those who were poor as well as elderly. These plans were offered before the start of government programs and coverage for overseas workers.

Presently, BCBSTX offers a wide range of health care plans that are intended to take care of different needs of the people of Texas. The different healthcare plans available are:

For Individual and Family:

  • Select Blue Advantage Series III - This is a preferred provider health insurance plan and has different deductibles as well as office visit co-pays. The different items that are included in co-pays are same day lab along with x-rays, coverage for individual, spouse and children and prescription drug program.
  • PPO Select Choice Series III - This preferred provider health insurance plan provides different deductibles along with low co-pay to avail visits to in-network physician office.
  • PPO Select Saver Series III - This is a preferred provider health insurance plan and includes the choice of benefits like different deductibles that are aimed to cover all the needs within the budget.
  • Blue Edge Individual HSA - This is the right plan for those who would like to spend their dollars on healthcare effectively for better health.
  • PPO Select Value Care - This is a preferred provider health care insurance plan with different options for health care so that one can keep a check on monthly cost of their insurance plan along with the choice to select health care providers from the wide Blue Choice network.
  • SelecTEMP PPO - This preferred provider health care insurance plan comes with different deductibles and periods that makes best use of the premium rates to suit one's needs and budgets. Those residents of Texas whose minimum age is 60 days and are below 65 years of age are eligible for this plan.
  • Foundation Hospital Care - This is a preferred health benefit insurance plan that gives one the option to select hospital of their choice every time they are in need of in-patient hospital care. One also gets round the clock world wide coverage, Blue Card Program, no balance billing of amount over that allowed, and no need to make claims while getting in-patient hospital services.
  • Texas Blue Alliance - This individual health insurance product is aimed at worker who were displaced as their employer moved overseas.
  • Dental Indemnity USA - This is a dental insurance plan to take care of all diagnostic and preventive care along with different specialty treatment for dental care.

Health Savings Account (HSA): This health insurance plan provides high deductible annually that could range from $1,100 to $5,000 in case of individuals and from $2,200 to $10,000 in case of families. Another benefit of this plan is that some deductible health plans like the Blue Edge Individual HSA from BCBST could be used along with Health Savings Account.


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