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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

BCBSVT keeps a constant eye on the needs of its customers and does everything in its capacity to offer the best customer service and excellent healthcare benefits, all within the budget of the individual. Presently, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont employs more than 300 residents of Vermont and has membership of over 200,000 that makes it the largest health insurance provider in the state of Vermont.

To go about providing affordable and quality healthcare to the people of state, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont has different healthcare plans for individuals, families, groups and employers. Getting healthcare plans for individuals from BCBSVT is something that all the residents of the state always look for as the plans do not provide any restriction on age, health condition or occupation.

The different individual plans that are offered to the residents of Vermont include the Vermont Health Plan (HMO), Vermont Freedom, Prescription Drug Program, Health Savings Account (HSA) and Better Beginnings. To avail of the individual and family plans, one has to be below the age of 65 and either self-employed, an early retiree, working under an employer who does not provide health insurance or planning to replace an existing healthcare plan.

The Vermont Freedom plan is a hugely popular plan among individuals and families. There are five non-group options available that include varying deductibles and the limits are out-of-pockets.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont offers employer-sponsored healthcare plans which are meant for groups of different sizes. There are three broad types of plans available for the employers. These are the traditional indemnity plan, point of service (POS) plan and preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. The Vermont Freedom Plan is a preferred provider organization available for group as well. There are two levels of benefits. There are lower out-of-pocket expenses if preferred providers of BCBSVT network or network of other states are availed of by the members.

For the federal employees, there are many other plans available and they can also purchase the Federal Employees Program. Those employees who are having the program have accessibility to over 400,000 doctors, hospitals, dentists and pharmacies across the country.

Members of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont who are qualified for Medicare are automatically given the benefits of the Vermont Blue 65 plan. The plan complements the coverage as given by Medicare Parts A and B. One gets protection against the unpaid expenses of Medicare along with personal service that he or she may deserve. To be eligible for the Vermont Blue 65 plan, one has to be a resident of Vermont and has to be enrolled in both Parts A and B of Medicare.


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