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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan or BCBSMI were earlier two groups which joined to form the present company. The two were: Michigan Blue Cross and Michigan Blue Shield. It has served the people for years and has been able to build a bond among the residents.

Plans: BCBSMI have varied plans for individuals groups and families that are affordable and qualitative. Members might opt for any policy based on the needs and pros and cons of each. Families and Individuals have the following choices while deciding on health care plan. They are the as such:

  • Blue Value Options
  • Community Blue
  • Healthy Blue
  • Flexible Blue

Though the above mentioned plans are PPO plans there are HMO plans too. People mostly choose from them based on whether they want a huge network of physicians and Hospital care for themselves. HMO plans of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan include:

  • Blue Select Self-Referral Option
  • Blue Care Network

Except for the above few BCBSMI also offers its customers the following:

  • Comprehensive Major Medical
  • First Dollar
  • Blue Choice POS

All of the coverage offer mostly out-of -network benefits and many more. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan also offers dental coverage.

Service: BCBSMI maintains a high integrity of ethics and quality for its clients. There is online web site which is constantly upgraded. Clients and any visitors are provided with any and every information there. All this articles and plans are based on a lot of research and thought by the employees. People can even get all there their queries answered from the websites. Even employees of BCBSMI works to provide its clients with answers about any plan, policies and programs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan envisions itself to be one of the leading and largest companies providing insurance. They want to establish itself not only at its own state but throughout US. This can only be brought to life if people have standing trust and loyalty towards them. Loyalty is build through affordable policies and great services 24/7. It is also taking up issues and steps to help out community. They are uniting with government, business and care providers to strive and achieve certain goals in health care sector.


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