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Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina continues in its research and development works to bring out new products for the people of South Carolinians. It looks to provide a secured, cost effective and comprehensive health care coverage. BCBSSC has been serving the people of South Carolinians in its over 50 years of existence.

To go about serving the people better, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has different plans to meet the different needs of the community. For the Individuals and families who are below the age of 65 years, the plans available are:

  • Personal Blue Plan 1
  • Personal Blue Plan 2
  • Personal Blue Plan 3
  • Personal Blue Plan 4

All these plans are unique of its kind. However, the common features of these plans include lifetime protection, coverage for prescription drug, freedom to choose doctors, and optional maternity as well as accidental coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has plans for small groups comprising 2 to 50 people. For these groups, BCBSSC provides the True Blue Partnership which group members can join. The True Blue Partnership plan comes with a comprehensive health care coverage for its members. There are discounts available on numerous non-covered services that can be availed by the members of the True Blue Partnership. These include Natural Blue, Lose Weight Program, Bosley Hair Restoration, Cosmetic Surgery, LASIK services, Digital Hearing Aids, Allergy Relief, Cosmetic Dentistry, Beltone Program for Hearing and Vision One Eye Care.

Customers of BCBSSC with Medicare can select among the following options:

  • Medicare Blue
  • Medicare Blue Plus
  • Medicare Blue Private

Customers are also offered two plans of Medicare advantage prescription drug.

The credit for the creation of Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina goes to George Lewis Smith, a priest, Roger Huntington, a businessman and George Buchanan, a journalist. All these three men had the common vision of providing non-profit and pre-paid hospital plan for the people of Palmetto State. Their plan got huge support from the community. The three lobbied in the General Assembly for the introduction of necessary legislation so that their dream project could be started. Finally, in 1946, the bill was passed for the project.

By the end of 1947, there were over 30,000 South Carolinians who became members of the pre-paid health care plan. By 1948, the company had a net income of $27,000. In 1949, the company was named as the Blue Shield that acted as a non-profit group. It included the services of the physicians. In 1950, Blue Shield engaged Blue Cross for administering and promoting the contracts. Since then Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has been working constantly to find new and innovative means to bring healthcare coverage to every customer. It is prepared for every kind of challenges that may come in its way ahead.


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