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Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Dakota

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Dakota

To offer the best healthcare services to the people, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Dakota offers an excellent array of plans. These plans could be availed at any stage of life. The plans are affordable and are available for individuals and families, people over the age of 65, groups and federal employees.

The Individual and Family Plans are meant to cover all the personal needs and budget of the people. The Health Care Plans include:

  • Blue Select - The plan has the lowest member cost-sharing and is the traditional PPO Plan. The plan comes with different options to meet the different needs that include maternity, chiropractic care and preventive care. By paying a premium payment, one can budget the cost along with lowest cost-sharing at the office of the doctor. The plan covers Prescription drugs, meeting doctors in the wide Blue Select PPO network, preventive and routine care, worldwide accessibility through Blue Card.
  • Blue Select Plus - This traditional plan also has low member cost-sharing facility. The different features of the plan include office services that cover preventive as well as routine care, meeting doctors in the wide Blue Select PPO network that require no referrals, opportunity to choose from five deductible options with highest deductible to get lower premium rate, prescription drug card plan and access to worldwide network through Blue Card. There are many optional benefits as well.
  • Blue Priority HSA - The plan is the best option for those who are healthy and get benefit from additional tax savings. The plan could be used for paying qualified medical expenses like office visits, labs, x-rays and prescription drugs. The money used for the account leads to reduction of income taxes for that year and it grows tax-free. The saving is similar to that of a 401 (k) plan. One gets waiver of deductible for preventive and regular care to the tune of $500 annually for every member. There is no need of referrals to see any doctor in the PPO network. The plan includes Prescription drugs coverage and there is accessibility to worldwide network through Blue Card.
  • Short Term Major Medical - The plan is right for getting temporary healthcare coverage. The situations could include recently graduated students who are within the coverage of an employer and parents, those looking for alternative plan to COBRA, new employees not included in group coverage and those employees who are having an extended leave of absence or else in-between jobs. One gets coverage for hospital, surgical and medical services. There are three deductible levels one can select from and the coverage time is from one month till six months. One can avail of an additional six month policy if they require and there are options for single, two person or whole family coverage.

The Out-of-Area Care Plans Include:

  • Blue Card - The plan helps you to get care across 85% of hospitals and physicians across the United States. All you need to do is carry the ID card of Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • Blue Card PPO - The card gives you access to 80% of al the US hospitals and also 90% of physicians.
  • Blue Card Worldwide - The plan is ideal for those who are traveling or living outside the United States. The card could be used to get coverage for in-patient health care at hospitals that are in the network.

The Other Plans include the Medical Plan Options and include:

  • For consumers
  • For brokers
  • For employers

Group Plans:

  • Health Care Plans
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Health Savings Account
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Vision Care
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Voluntary Group Life, Dental, Vision and Disability
  • Out-of-Area Care
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Group Life And Disability


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