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Blue Shield - California (CA)

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California Blue Shield

Blue Shield - California (CA)

Blue Shield California which was established in the 1938 generates revenue of about $7.5 billion these days. It was earlier known to be California Physicians’ Service. When it first started off in the state, about 20,000 residents of California joined or subscribed to the insurance available. Physicians of about 5,000 in number joined the prepaid services of healthcare. Now it has grown to one of the biggest insurer of all.

Plans and Programs: Blue Shield California Includes the following plans for helping people:

  • Health care and Coverage Programs
  • HMO Plans
  • PPO Plans
  • Short Term health Plans
  • Preventive Health care benefits
  • PPO dental Coverage
  • HMO dental Coverage
  • Major Health care expenses

Services: The benefits of joining Blue Shield of California are plenty. It is a not-for –profit health insurance agency. It has strong values to place their customer at topmost priority. It encourages innovation not only in health but technology and other fields. If any one enrolls to Blue Shield of California today they are bound to get large options of physicians hospitals and plans for them.


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