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Celtic Basic Plan

Celtic Basic Plan; inexpensive health coverage for individuals

In order to offer necessary health insurance coverage at the most competitive price; Celtic Insurance Company has developed and introduced all new Celtic Basic Plan. The plan is especially designed for the individuals between the ages of 19 to 34 years. The target clientele of this health plan are included of uninsured young singles, professionals, fresh graduates and families who do not crave to disburse lofty premiums for that coverage they actually don't utilize.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Celtic Insurance Company; young individuals nowadays bargain much for price while they take their insurance related decisions, than ever before. They are in need of some low-cost coverage with which they can be rest assured of 100% protection of their entities against all sorts of costly unpredicted medical expenses. And, to meet this demand; Celtic Basic Plan is equipped with all those criteria, requisites and of course rates that the customers always desired.

Along with other major medical plans offered by the merchant; Celtic Basic Plan also presents benefits such as coverage for doctor-chamber visits, surgical procedures, hospitalization as well as outpatient and inpatient care. In addition to those, Celtic Basic Plan is featured with some additional advantages that are not obtainable with other health plans. The list of those specialized features includes $30 copay office visits; twice in every year, 80/20 coinsurance coverage for the network providers, first-dollar protective care coverage of up to $200 after a 1-year eligibility episode as well as an option of three deductibles; USD 1,500, USD 2,500 and USD 5,000.

To protect the target customers with families, liabilities and educational loans; Celtic Basic Plan is also provided with a lifetime maximum of $ 50,000, 00 along with an elective prescription drug card. With this drug card, customers can avail co-payment of $25 for generic medicines.

As per the Chief Operating Officer of Celtic Insurance Company; Celtic Basic Plan completes the company's individual health portfolio and endows with innovative openings to let the agents do the best for their respective clients. Celtic Basic will be a solution manager that can be referred to time to time, especially for price-sensitive scenarios.


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