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Connecticut Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Anthem BCBSCT or Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield - Connecticut

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut or Anthem BCBSCT serves people throughout the whole nation. Nation – wide there are about 7.4 million people who form part of this insurance company. There is some huge work force working each day to bring every kind of service to the people. Some 1.1 million individuals or people form members of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut or Anthem BCBSCT. They offer the largest network of hospitals and physicians among all the insurers of the state. This is only one of the many advantages people get when buying their policy. That’s why they are the most sought after insurance company of the state. When brought down to numbers it is seen that about 14,500 healthcare who belong to its PPO network. The number of physicians involved in the HMO network is about 10,000. They are mostly associated with the company’s HMO network.

Plans: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut is provider of some of the most well chalked out health insurance coverage. This service is not only for group policies but some individual policies too. Some of the options their customer can choose from are:

  • Individual health Cover
  • Group health Cover
  • Coverage on Prescription Drugs
  • Life Coverage
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care Cover
  • Behavioral health cover

Families and Individuals not having any insurance as employee in the company they work for can decide on any one of the following plans below:

  • Anthem By Design Health Savings Account
  • Blue Medicare Rx (for members who are aged 65 or higher)
  • JP Morgan Chase HSA Individual Enrollment Materials
  • Medicare Supplement (for members who are aged 65 or higher)

The company that offers their employers health insurance coverage can choose from:

  • Anthem By Design or HSA
  • JP Morgan Chase HSA Group- Enrollment Materials
  • Century Preferred
  • Century Preferred -Comp
  • Century Preferred- HSA
  • Blue Care
  • Blue Care - POS
  • Blue Care Plus
  • Blue Care Plus - POS
  • Blue Care Plus Basic
  • Blue Care Basic

Blue Options are also there for Businesses that are Small. Most of the health insurance covers are within affordable prices for the customer. That is why are of great demand.

Services: It is a known truth that – “Prevention is better than cure”. Health insurance companies these days also follow the same rule. They not only offer employees with health insurance coverage but also some prevention and management plans. Anthem BCBSCT has the following prevention and management cover:

  • Immunizations
  • Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Information Center for Health
  • Online detection of Quality
  • Tools for Cost Decision
  • Special Offers @ Anthem
  • Life After - 50
  • Programs for Early Detection

Anthem BCBSCT also has management programs. This management programs are mostly for conditions that are chronic. They are:

  • Management of Asthma
  • Management of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Management of Depression
  • Management of Diabetes
  • Identification of Proactive Care
  • Identification of Catastrophic Care
  • Solutions for Complex Care
  • Management based on Transplantation
  • Management based on Admission Care


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