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Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida or BCBSFL has been successful over the year to meet the demands of the residents. Toady about 2.5 million people form a part of their client base and it is growing over the year because of the trust associated with them.

Plans: People and residents of Florida have become more and more associated with it because of the huge number of choices they get while insuring. It both meets their needs and are also affordable to them in every way.

Family and Individual healthcare cover plans include:

  • PPO Blue Choice for Individuals and Families Under 65
  • PPO Blue Options for Individuals & Families Under 65
  • Temporary Insurance Protection
  • Traditional Diminsion IV (DIV)
  • HMO Blue Care for Individuals & Families Under 65
  • Hospital & Surgical Plan- Essential

Groups having less than 50 people choose their insurance from the following:

  • PPO Blue Choice for Small Groups
  • PPO Blue Options for Small Groups
  • HMO Blue Care for Small Groups

Group having more than 50 members choose from plans as mentioned below:

  • PPO Blue Choice for Large Groups
  • PPO Blue Options for Large Groups
  • HMO Blue CAre for Large Groups

Medicare plans on the other hand also differ from one another and clients can decide on any of the following health insurance plans as follows:

  • Hospital Network Only with Medicare Underwriting- Advantage65 Premier Select B & D
  • Hospital Network Only with Preventative Care- Advantage65 Select E
  • Physician and Hospital Network- Advantage65 Select B & D
  • Medicare Supplement- Comp Coverage A, B, C, D, F
  • Medicare Advantage PPO- Blue Preferred
  • Medicare Advantage HMO- Actively You
  • Medicare Advantage HMO- Medicare & More
  • Blue Script for Medicare Part D

The range of choice is not only wide for Medicare, Individual or group but also huge for dental care as well.

Service: BCBSFL organization and its people work not only to provide health insurance and improve health through different programs but also provide grants to different organization of Florida. The stability they associate with their name through decades of work and assurance to the people has worked to build the confidence and services they offer.


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