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GoldenRule Health Insurance

New tools offered by GoldenRule Health Insurance

GoldenRule Health Insurance is now amalgamated with the Exante Bank, in order to offer more savings to the customers as well as boost up the potential of their long-term investments and top of all to offer the customers the convenience of operating their HSA or Health Savings Accounts.

GoldenRule Health Insurance was the first to introduce Health Savings Accounts in the individual market of the United States. As of August, 2006; the company was amalgamated with the country's leading Extante Bank with an aim to offer the company's individual clients a wide spectrum of best performing mutual fund savings alternatives. Besides, the merchant also intended to provide the customers with a unique online account administration service along with debit card and online bill payment facilities via Exante Bank.

GoldenRule actually paved the path for the Health Savings Accounts, years back when the merchant launched its revolutionary medical savings account in the market. Most of the GoldenRule policyholders are enjoying the benefits of the health insurance plans that are accompanied with HSA. According to the figures calculated up to 30th June, 2006; the policyholders saved over 170 USD in their Health Savings Accounts in total; with an average account balance of $2,500. Exante Bank offers from 4% to 5% interest per annum to the FDIC-insured accounts of the GoldenRule Health Insurance clients. The Bank allows the customers who have already accumulated more than $2000 in their respective HSA, to deposit more than 2000 USD in any of the eight load-free mutual funds. Each of the funds is unique and rated with 4 or more stars by Morningstar.

With the newly launched online account administrative devices, now the GoldenRule clients that have Health Savings Accounts; can supervise their accounts at anytime as per their convenience as well as alter the amount of savings and verify account-balance. They can take out any amount from their account and disburse bills, too with these innovative management devices. In addition to that, they can arrange automatic recurring mutual fund acquisitions as soon as their account-balance goes over and above $2000. This facility is available at absolutely free of cost.

The Exante Bank also provides other facilities along with the above-mentioned amenities. The bank offers The Exante MasterCard; exclusively to the GoldenRule clients. This is a prepaid debit card with which the customers can access their Health Related Accounts in so many convenient ways. The card can be used at any of the partaking doctors' chambers and pharmacies. It can be utilized via ATM removals. Besides, the mentioned amenities such as online bill payment and prepaid debit cards; The Exante Bank also offers the GoldenRule clients an opportunity to let them make use of conventional check book facility or contemporary wire transfer facility. The customers can use any or both of those facilities as per their requirement and choice.

The CEO of GoldenRule has said in a report that various choices of mutual funds offered by their company are showing positive results in boosting up the prospective for long-term investments. He has also added that the newly launched consumer- savvy facilities are so efficient in providing the customers with so many useful options as well as the convenience of utilizing their Health Related Accounts. According to him; the procedure of application is a flawless one and 100% consumer-friendly. Savings in Health Savings Accounts are included in the same imbursement package as installments for the health insurance coverage offered by the GoldenRule. In addition, he has included that as per best of their knowledge; policyholders are accumulating more dollars for their current as well as future health-care requirements, exactly according to the intention the Congress expressed at the time it got qualified permitting legislation for Health Savings Accounts. Amalgamation of GoldenRule with the Exante Bank is the subsequent pace that the merchant has taken to endow the customers with more advanced devices and useful resources so that they can take care of their health related issues as well as expenditures, wisely and in a calculative way.

Health Savings Accounts by GoldenRule is a combination of a savings account with tax advantage and high-deductible health insurance package. Since the premiums for HSA are much lower than the conventional health insurance policies; HSA customers can save bucks on them. They can utilize the entire or some of those saved dollars and accumulate in their savings accounts so that they can invest and extract the amounts as and when required to disburse their insurance deductibles as well as other eligible medical expenditures. Unused amounts that remain in the HSA are saved for year after year and get added with a regular interest as it happens to an IRA. Because of all such amenities the customers are getting inclined to have an HSA. With an HSA they can make a decision of their own about when to accumulate money and when to spend them.

The most important criterion about an HSA is that; it presents triple tax benefits. The amount accumulated in HSA goes directly in tax-deductibles and raise tax-differed. Moreover, the saved bucks are tax-free when utilized for paying eligible medial related expenditures that include dental as well as vision services.

For more information about the GoldenRule and its innovative products & unparallel services; clients can log on to or call at 1-800-974-4472. Customers can also get connected to any insurance agent that provides GoldenRule packages.


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