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IVHP Guarantees Healthy Life through Better Services

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IVHP Guarantees Healthy Life through Better Services

IVHP Guarantees Healthy Life through Better Services

The IVHP (Inter Valley Health Plan) gives access to huge health care benefits and resources. It offers affordable health plans that enable members to lead a healthy life by spending less. This article enumerates these facts.

One of the reputed and long-standing health insurance carriers of South California is the Inter Valley Health Plan, commonly known as IVHP. The associates of the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and the Valley Independent Physicians jointly launched it in the year 1979 and since three decades, it is rendering outstanding services in the field of medical insurance and health care services. Till now it has remained to be a non-profit making company gradually expanding with the passage of time.

IVHP offers people with lots of quality medical insurance options. It also has specialized health plans dedicated for the seniors. The company has entered into an agreement with the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and offers Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Special Needs Plans, Medicaid policies and Medicare prescription drug plans.

The prescription drug coverage policies which are offered by IVHP, helps in reducing the costs of prescription medications to a huge extent. Also, the company has some health care plan options, which relaxes the members from paying any copayments for availing health care services from primary care physicians, diabetes treatment, or when visiting any doctors or specialists outside the plan's network.

There are certain reasons for which one should seek IVHP services and health insurance options. Primarily, they provide the most comprehensive form of health care coverage that covers most of the health care requirements of the members. Apart from this, the company offers plans that don't put too much monetary pressure on the pocket. All of its plans are quite affordable and offers more health care benefits at lesser price.

Not only this, but every member of IVHP can avail lots of benefits and discounts when seeking any specialized care services and therapies. Also, they are entitled to take part in the health care management programs organized the company. IVHP ardently takes part in lots of social and community health care activities. The company's objective is not only to provide the best health care plans but also to develop a healthy and disease-free environment.

Currently over 13,000 people from various cities and towns of South California are the proud members of IVHP and the number of members is increasing gradually. The company offers 100 percent customer support both telephonic and online. Members and interested customers can stopover at the official website of Inter Valley Health Plan at www.ivhp.com.

The IVHP website offers full information about the different health plans and services offered by the company, member services (that can be availed only by the members), complete assistance along with important health care related resources, tools and updates. IVHP has a good network of doctors, specialists and pharmacies. Members can easily locate physician services through the company website just by submitting their membership ID.


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