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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company is the largest among non-profit health insurance companies in America. Presently, the company's membership list includes 8.4 million Americans who are from 9 states as well as the District of Columbia. The plans of Kaiser Permanente are designed such as to address individual client's specific healthcare needs and lifestyle.

The coverage available with Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company includes:

  • Doctor Visits
  • Prenatal Care
  • Maternity Care
  • Hospital Care
  • Physical, Hearing and Vision Exams
  • Surgery
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Emergency Services

For individuals, families and small groups, Kaiser Permanente offers co-payment and deductible health insurance plans. In addition, there are deductible Kaiser Plans with Health Savings Account. Each of these plans has its own benefits and pricing. There are also options like the first dollar coverage of the co-payment plan and the affordable monthly premiums of deductible plans.

Kaiser Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

There are affordable private health insurance plans for individual, child and family offered by Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company. The plans meet all the specific individual needs and budgets.

Health Insurance Coverage With No Deductibles

Kaiser Permanente offers medical plan without deductibles for children or wife who may become pregnant. These are known as Copayment Plans of Kaiser. The plans provide benefits of first dollar and hence are more expensive with respect to premiums that are paid monthly. There are immediate coverage of doctor visits, emergency care and hospitalization with different copayments.

Deductible Plan To Reduce Individual Medical Insurance Rates

Individuals looking for lower monthly premiums can go for deductible plans. This kind of private coverage helps people in striking a balance between quality coverage and affordable premiums. Some of these plans include doctor visits and prescription drugs before meeting deductible with a copayment. The deductible in this case applies for lab tests, surgery, emergency and hospitalization.

High Deductible Health Plans For Saving On Family Healthcare

The high deductible health plans of Kaiser Permanente are right for healthy individuals and families in search of cheap individual health insurance plans. The HDHP come with the highest deductibles as well as the lowest monthly premiums.

Group Health Insurance Plans Of Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company

There are small health insurance plans that are offered by Kaiser Permanente that are ideal to meet the business needs.

Copayment Plans

The group copayment plans of Kaiser Permanente are available with no medical deductibles and require almost no paperwork. The coverage includes low cost for office visits and copayments for prescription drug. Doctor visits, prescription drugs, emergency surgery and many others are included as copayments in the plans.

Selecting The Right Group Health Insurance Plan

Kaiser Permanente helps employers find quality coverage for their group health insurance plan which are affordable to them. Kaiser helps employers find answers to questions, some of which are like:

  • How to find affordable rate without compromising optimal coverage?
  • Is copayment, deductible or an HSA Plan will be right for the business?
  • Which group health insurance plan provides the right combination of low cost and quality coverage?

The larger is the group, the more is the availability of discount to the business.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Company provides its health care through its wide network of 12,000 physicians who are in the medical group of the company. The company has 30 medical centres and over 400 medical offices which represent the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.


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