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Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

The Mega Life and Health Insurance Company is a leader in healthcare in U.S. with a wide range of health insurance products. These include health, vision, dental, life and disability insurance as well as coverage for prescription drugs. The Plans are available for individuals and families, self-employed and small business owners.

Mega Life and Health Insurance Company offers different options as follows:

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan

Mega Life and Health Insurance Company provides different health insurance products for the people. These include:

  • Value Plans - These plans provide affordable coverage for basic medical as well as surgical expenses and are meant for those without any health insurance coverage.
  • Select Plans - These plans provide coverage for any catastrophe with no network restrictions.
  • PPO Plans - These plans offers coverage for any catastrophe with the freedom to select providers.
  • Optional Riders - These are available for getting additional coverage to treat out-patient accidents, air ambulance, pregnancy and childbirth.
Hospital Indemnity Plans From Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

The sharp rise in the cost of hospitalization has made it vital to have hospital indemnity insurance. In the event of hospitalization, the insurance plan provides a daily benefit amount to meet the costs of hospital stay. The plan provides the following benefits:

  • Choice to select the daily amount.
  • Direct payment of benefit to the insured.
  • No waiting period for any kind of injury.
Term Life Insurance From Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

The Term Life Insurance provides guaranteed coverage for term life in meeting both personal and business needs. The different benefits of this plan are:

  • Coverage till the age of 95.
  • Choice of initial guaranteed level of premium periods of 10, 1, 20 or 30 years.
  • Low-cost Life Insurance Protection with a built-in guaranteed renewability up to the age of 95 without consideration of health.
Universal Life Insurance From Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

The adjustable Universal life plan of MEGA offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible Premiums
  • Flexible Death Benefits
  • Income tax-free death benefits in most of the cases
Disability Income Insurance From Mega Life and Health Insurance Company

Disability Income Insurance Plan offers limited short-term income protection against disability due to some serious accidents. The benefits offered include:

  • Accident Coverage
  • Freedom to select from two available elimination periods
  • Availability of monthly total disability benefit if the policyholder is totally disabled as a result of some accident
  • Freedom to select from different monthly benefit options that is directly paid to the plan owner.
  • Benefit period of 12 months.

MEGA offers affordable Vision Insurance coverage along with health insurance plans. The benefits that are provided with Vision Insurance Plans are:

  • Full paid-in complete eye examinations.
  • Discounts while purchasing glasses and contact lens through certain location.
  • Access to over 14, 000 participating provider locations.
  • No filling of claim forms and no waiting period for reimbursement.

Critical Illness Insurance from MEGA provides protection against the rising costs of treatment for certain illnesses or diseases like health attack, stroke, cancer, renal failure or some organ transplant.

The Dental Insurance from Mega is an optional benefit that is available to both the new and existing customers of its health insurance policies. Dental insurance provides the following benefits:

  • No deductible and waiting period in case of preventive services for those in the policy / certificate.
  • All covered services like restorative, periodontics, etc. are available with a low deductible, the benefits of which are reimbursed on a scheduled basis.
  • Coverage of Orthodontia for individuals up to the age of 19
  • Freedom to select any dentist of choice.


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