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Mississippi - Blue Cross Blue Shield

Mississippi - Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi is now the largest health insurance provider in the state of Mississippi. It has today a large network of doctors, Health care professional and hospitals under its banner to help out its members. Slowly and steadily the number of members for it is increasing. In 1949 itself the number of members went up as high as 35,000, now it is larger than it has imagined it to be.

Plans: People from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi can expect to receive various plans of the Blue Care plan. All this plans are for individuals of Mississippi. This plan includes:

  • Prescription co-pays
  • Physician co-pays
  • “Healthy You!” wellness benefits
  • Limited yearly out-of-pocket costs
  • Immunizations
  • Discount for no tobacco use

All the plans are with choices of deductibles as also maternity benefits. People who are aged more than 65 years are not eligible for group plans and such they can choose from the following plans to take care of all their medical expenses:

  • Farm Bureau Product
  • The Cost Awareness plan

Customers eligible for Medicare can choose from Blue 65 Plans A through J.

Group plans are available for employers. Employers can choose health insurance plans from the following plans:

  • ChamberPlus
  • Network Blue
  • Mississippi Manufacturers Association
  • Healthy You! wellness benefits
  • Comprehensive Dental

After signing up with BCBSMS, people can be assured that all their expenses and worries of bills will be henceforth taken care of by the officials of BCBSMS. Members of BCBSMS receive the following general benefits from the plans as:

  • Low co-pays for doctor visits
  • Low cost co-pays for prescription drugs
  • Immunizations
  • Wellness benefits
  • 12 month rate guarantee

There are many more benefits of being associated with BCBSMS.

Service: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi employees work hard for improving their services. They constantly give their 100 percent commitment to the people. The plans and programs of BCBSMS are not only cost effective but high in quality and cover many aspects of medical ailments. This coverage is only being possible through efficient and good thinking by the members and employees of BCBSMS. It has receive a rating of A which excellent rating from the rating firm of A.M. Best Co. This rating is for their management operation and financial operations. Not only has it achieved it goal but improving more and more through all days.


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