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Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield

Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield

Around 800 dedicated West Virginians are actively working for Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield in all the 55 counties in West Virginia as well as the Washington County in the state of Ohio. The huge popularity of Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield could be gauged from the large number of residents of the state who are its members, presently accounting to 400,000.

To provide healthcare benefits to all the people of the state, Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield has some excellent healthcare plans for individuals, families and small business groups as well as large corporations. The products available include the New Blue (traditional indemnity), Super Blue Select (POS), and Super Blue (PPO). Each of the plans comes with their own benefits and coverage, but all the plans have huge popularity due to its affordability.

There are three types of individual coverage available that include Individual Products, Medifil and Highmark Health Insurance Company FreedomBlue PPO and FreedomBlue PFFS. The Individual Products available are:

  • SuperBlue Plus 2008 - a PPO plan that comes with complete benefits and is a comprehensive medical policy.
  • Limited Benefit Plan - a PPO plan that provides a maximum benefit of $25,000 per person annually.
  • High Deductible Health Plans - this plan is meant for those people who would like to enrol in a qualified high deductible health plan to be used with a Health Savings Account following the Internal Revenue Service. Or else, it can be used to lower the monthly premiums by using it as a high deductible health plan.

Medifil plan offers a selection of different Medicare Supplement plans to be used to fill in the gaps of Medicare coverage. To avail of the service, one's age has to be 65 or older and must be eligible for as well as enrolled in Part A and Part B of Medicare. One also has to be self-employed, unemployed or employed by a company not providing any health care coverage to its employees. MSBCBS offers different group coverage plans, including 2 to 50 employees plan, 51 to 249 employees plan and 250 plus employees plan.

Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield started its operation in the state of West Virginia in 1932. Since then, it has been evolving rapidly with the passing of years, thanks to its philosophy of providing greater health benefit to a larger number of residents of the state. To go about it, MSBCBS provides many wellness benefits along with its products. Some these are mammography, immunizations, well-child care and disease specific screening tests. In this regard, HealthPLACE on the Move needs mentioning. This mobile health screening facility is the brainchild of MSBCBS to improve the awareness of health risks, disease prevention and benefits of healthy lifestyle.


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