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Ohioans Opt only for SummaCare Health Insurance

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Ohioans Opt only for SummaCare Health Insurance

Ohioans Opt only for SummaCare Health Insurance

One of the leading health insurance companies of the state of Ohio is the SummaCare Inc. They have their headquarters located at Akron, Ohio and serve majority of the people residing in about 18 counties present in the northeastern region of Ohio. More than 7,000 providers along with 46 different hospitals form the health care network of SummaCare. Although they are an Ohio-based health insurance company, but their alliance with several national health care providers allows them to offer their services to members present outside the state of Ohio.

The name of SummaCare has been mentioned in the America's Best Health Plans 2006 listings and has been rated as the 8th Best Medicare Plan in Nation. Pacificare and Medica are two dominant contenders of SummaCare in the health insurance market. But still, SummaCare is surpasses all its competitors.

SummaCare is the favorite health plan provider of many employer groups, senior members who are eligible for Medicare program, federal staffs and also the individuals. Also, it deals in other insurance services and benefits programs through its authorized third-party manager, the APEX Benefits Services.

Employer groups rely on SummaCare for availing Medicare, Medicaid, POS, and HMO plans. Moreover, the company also has wide ranging products for employers like:

  • Group Retiree Plans
  • Ancillary Products
  • Fully Funded Plan Designs
  • Self Funded Plans Designs

For individual customers, SummaCare offers a wide range of PPO plans. It has also launched a new insurance program called the Federal Employee Health Benefits for the federal employees.

SummaCare offers extensive support for both its new and existing members. Customers can avail both telephonic and web-based support for resolving any of their problems or queries. The official website of the company viz. http://www.summacare.com offers a host of features and useful resources to the customers.

Customers can get information about each of the services and products in which the company deals in. Over and above they can also request for quotations from the website of SummaCare directly, in order to compare each of the health plans and to find out the ideal one for them.

SummaCare has an extensive network of health care providers. Members can contact it anytime over phone or through its official website to locate a doctor or a hospital close to their place of residence. Such services are rendered instantly so as to allow the customers to access health care in times of need. In addition to all this, SummaCare allows its customers including the senior Medicare members to find the required medications and drugs through its official web portal. Also, customers can locate a pharmaceutical store which is close to their residences through its website.

SummaCare Inc. aims in delivering the best health care solutions to all its members in order to help in the development of a healthy society. Customers of SummaCare receive access to huge benefits and different healthcare management programs. Also, every privileged customer is offered with discount offers that can be en-cashed to avail rebates for eye checkups, health assessments etc.


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