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PacifiCare Health Systems

PacifiCare Health Systems

PacifiCare Health Systems is a leading healthcare service company of U.S. with health plan members numbering 3 million and over 10 million specialty plan members across the nation. The main focus of PacifiCare operation is healthcare and has a wide range of consumer driven products for individuals and families, employers and different Medicare beneficiaries.

SignatureValueSM HMO Of PacifiCare

This plan is designed to provide quality healthcare to every member, with the main focus being on the prevention and general wellness. Members can connect directly with primary care physicians (PCPs) that help to build a strong relationship with the physician.

SignaturePOSSM POS Of PacifiCare

The Point-Of-Service of PacifiCare provides members with maximum flexibility like HMO savings along with the freedom to select an in-network or out-of-network providers for their healthcare.

SignatureOptionSM PPO Of PacifiCare

The PPO plan provides the maximum freedom to customers when it comes to selecting physician. Customers of this plan do not have to pay any additional cost to see any participating doctor or specialist. Customers can also see an out-of-network doctor or specialist, though at a higher out-of-pocket expense.

SignatureIndependenceSM Indemnity Of PacifiCare

The standard Indemnity plan of PacifiCare provides members to see any physician or specialist without the need of any referral. However, the members of Indemnity Plan have to meet certain deductible for their coverage.

SignatureFreedomSM SDHP Of PacifiCare

The Self-Directed Health Plans of PacifiCare have the basis of PPO that provides the plan members to access the widest choice of physicians. Members also have the choice of a Self-Directed Account (SDA). The Self-Directed Account works as a kind of allowance for the members that they can use at their own discretion for the purpose of preventative health services like doctor's visits and covered tests.

PacifiCare Health Systems has over dedicated 7,500 employees working across the nation to provide quality healthcare to every individuals.


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