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Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg

Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg

To make health care available to a wider section of the society, Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg has a wide network of physicians, having over 11,000 professional providers who are always helpful to provide health care to the members. Members can have access to all the 37 hospitals present in the service area, thus helping the members to select the hospital of their choice.

For better healthcare coverage of the residents, Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg employs over 2,300 employees, making it among the largest employers of the area. All these employees keep constant touch with the members to provide the best healthcare available that meets their needs and budget. There are healthcare products for individuals, groups and federal employees. The different coverage plans available for individuals are the Traditional, Comprehensive, HIPAA Comprehensive, HCTC Comprehensive, Special Care, Short-Term Major Medical and Special Services.

The health care plans for employees are well-known for quality and reliability. The different plans offered by Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg provide enough choice for employers for their employees. The medical, dental, prescription drug insurance plans offered for Groups are the Traditional, PPO, PPO Plus, PPO 1-2-3, POS, HMO and Comprehensive. In Medicare, there are the SeniorBlue PPO, SeniorBlue and Senior. The others are the Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, National Vision Administrator, LLC and Express scripts.

For the employers, a new plan called the SimplySelect, is offered that meet the different challenges facing the healthcare industry nowadays. SimplySelect not only meets the cost of treatment at the time a member becomes ill, but also offers preventive care to make the member healthy. The Groups products of SimplySelect are consumer oriented and the benefit cost is borne by both the employers and the employees, both making contribution to the overall expense of health care of the members.

Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg also provides health insurance that is free and low cost plan for children as well as teens who are below the age of 19 and who are uninsured. This Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is available without consideration of family income. Children and teens below the age of 19 who are uninsured and are ineligible for Medical Assistance can access the comprehensive health insurance.

Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg has the Federal Employee Program that makes it easy to select the health care anywhere and at anytime. This is achieved through the freedom the plan offers to select the services, facilities and professionals that are available for the federal employees.

The knowledgeable workforce of Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Harrisburg are determined to provide the communities with quality healthcare support that has been its mission since its inception 70 years back.


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