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Pennsylvania - Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Pennsylvania - Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Pennsylvania - Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

It all started in 1996 when two Pennsylvania licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association were consolidated together to create the Highmark. Presently, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is among the largest health insurers in the country. The officers and board of directors are guided by the company's mission and vision to become the best customer-friendly health insurer in the communities they work.

There are some of the best healthcare products available for individuals, families and groups. Those looking for individual plans can go for the CompleteCare, ClassicBlue Traditional, ClassicBlue Traditional HCTC, PreferredBlue, KeystoneBlue, adultBasic, Caring Program Direct Pay, SpecialCare, ClassicBlue Traditional HIPAA, DirectBlue, PPO Blue High-Deductible Program and the CHIP. Individuals also have the choice of Medicare plans like SecurityBlue, MedigapBlue, FreedomBlue and BlueRx.

The Individual and Family plans are underwritten medically that are guaranteed issue plans. One can select plans based on their household income.

Those looking for group plans can avail the BlueAccount, BlueWordwide Expat, DirectBlue, PPOBlue, EPOBlue, BlueChoice, ClassicBlue, KeystoneBlue and SelectBlue. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield offers Signature 65 as a group Medicare plan that commands a huge popularity among the residents.

The PPOBlue is the most flexible plan of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Employees have the freedom to enjoy the network flexibility as they select from among different benefit options, right from qualified high deductible health plans to plans with first dollar coverage within the network.

The EPOBlue is right for those employers whose employees are scattered across the country. There is a consistent benefit design that comes with a HMO convenience and affordability.

ClassicBlue are the indemnity programs with broad coverage and the option to select any providers. In most of the cases, there are no needs of filing claims. One can select from the traditional, first dollar plans to the more affordable and comprehensive medical programs that provide a yearly deductible and coinsurance.

Those who are members of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield get a greater access to complete information on medical and drug benefits. Members have the right to know their claims as well as important information of different medical procedures and treatment for health conditions. Those members with a health saving account, reimbursement account or flexible spending account are automatically qualified to get detail information.

Members can track claims of their medical and pharmacy. There is no need for paper as one can get such information of Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statements online. One can keep a check on their spending on healthcare with “My Expense Summary” and can access their BlueAccount health Savings, reimbursement and flexible spending account.

The authorities at Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield remain constantly in touch with the residents so that they can be served better. The authorities are making every effort to bring out new plans and services to meet the new challenges of a changing marketplace.


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