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Pennsylvania - Independence Blue Cross

Pennsylvania - Independence Blue Cross

The popularity of the plans and services of Independence Blue Cross could be understood from its 2.8 million members who have enrolled with the company that makes it the largest health insurance company in the Philadelphia region.

It has been a constant endeavor of Independence Blue Cross to offer plan products that meet the changing needs of healthcare. Independence Blue Cross provides some of the best plans for individuals and family. These include the Personal Choice (PPO), Traditional Indemnity and Keystone Health Plan East (HMO).

The Keystone Health Plan East (HMO) could be availed with different options of affordable co-pays and deductibles that are designed to meet the individual budgets. There are plans that require payment as low as $76. The Personal Choice PPO makes one to get care from any provider for which there is no need of referral from within the network or outside.

The Traditional Indemnity programs help the members to avail worldwide coverage along with complete independence to see any doctor of their choice or to visit hospital on the basis of fee-for-service.

For those with low budget, there are low-income health plans like the Children's Health Insurance Plan, Specific Care, adultBasic and Keystone Mercy.

The Children's Health Insurance Program includes the Keystone Health Plan East HMO coverage that is available for free or for a low cost to cover uninsured children as well as adolescents till they reach the age of 18 years.

The adultBasic is a low cost Keystone Health Plan East HMO plan to cover adults who have attained the age of 19 years till they reach the age of 64 years.

The Special Care is the traditional and fee-for-service healthcare plan for adults and children. Keystone Mercy is a Medical Assistance managed care health plan.

In its Medicare plans, Independence Blue Cross offers Personal Choice 65, Security Care and Keystone 65. There are plans for the students that include the Keystone Health Plan East (HMO) and the Student Health. In the sole proprietor health plans category, Independence Blue Cross provides the Keystone Health Plan East (HMO) and Sole Proprietor.

Independence Blue Cross has some of the best plans for groups with different number of employees. These plans are for groups of 2 to 9 employees, 10 to 99 employees and 100 plus employees. There are also Association Health Plans for those who run a small business along with membership of some particular association like a chamber of commerce. These people can avail group benefits.

What started 60 years ago with a great vision and mission to serve the community has been continuing till today. The authorities at Independence Blue Cross are constantly on the lookout to find better and more comprehensive healthcare for the residents.


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