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Premera Blue Cross of Washington

Premera Blue Cross of Washington

To go about providing quality healthcare to the people of Washington, quality, integrity and service are given prime importance by those who are working for Premera BCWA. These three characteristics are palpable in all the business dealings of Premera BCWA. Those who are choosing their healthcare plan for Premera BCWA are guaranteed to get some of the best benefits including high quality coverage, freedom to select one's own provider network, different care facilitation programs, modern systems and tools to keep themselves abreast with the latest information, and an excellent customer service. The employees of Premera BCWA see to it that each of the customers of Premera BCWA receives all these advantages fully.

To provide good healthcare to the residents of the state, Premera Blue Cross of Washington offers some excellent plans for individuals and families, groups, dental plans and Medicare supplement plans. In the individuals and families plan, Premera BCWA has the Heritage Protector Plus 20, Heritage Preferred Plus 20, Heritage Value Plus 30, Heritage Preferred Plus 30.

The Heritage Value Plus 30 is the right plan for those who are planning to start their own business or are looking for ways to cover their child. In spite of low cost, the plan comes helpful in an emergency. The plan covers illness or injuries. However, preventive care does not come within the cover. The plan also provides prescription drug coverage. There are different deductibles available in this plan.

The Heritage Protector Plus 20 provides annual health check-ups along with hospital coverage in the event of major illnesses or accidents. One going for this plan is covered with preventive care of one visit per person in every calendar year. There is catastrophic coverage if some major illness or accident occurs. One can select from among two calendar year deductible choices.

The Heritage Preferred Plus 20 and Heritage Preferred Plus 30 are meant to keep up the coverage right that include office visits and regular diagnostic tests. There are two percentages that one has to pay before the plan pays back, the 20 percentage or the 30 percentage.

The Heritage Preferred Plus 20 makes one responsible for 20 percent (co-insurance) before the start of payment of the plan, as the network providers are used. The plan covers routine services that include preventive care as well as major medical needs. The plan also covers pharmacy and there are deductible every calendar year.

The Heritage Preferred Plus 30 necessitates 30 percent co-insurance before the start of plan as there is usage of the network providers. The other benefits are same as that of Heritage Preferred Plus 20.

In the Group category Premera BCWA offers different traditional Preferred Provider Plans (PPO) and Managed Care Plans (HMO). These plans were created to provide an array of choices from which one can get the right plan that meets the needs of employees. The PPO plans provide, in addition to benefits, many deductibles, coinsurance, price options and co-insurance.


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