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Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon or Regence BCBSOR has become today, the largest insurance company of the state. There are about 47 licensees of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Regence BCBSOR is one of them. It has grown today with the help of their over a million clients.

Regence BCBSOR is widely chosen over all others because of their trustability and also because of their network. About 10,500 physicians, health care providers and dentist are part of this network. Not only that but 3000 Oregeon residents are also employed by them. All these workers are associated with any of the five following offices located at Medford, Pendleton, Salem, Portland and Bend.

Plans: The healthcare plans offered by Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon designed to make it affordable to the residents. Various plans and programs are thought out to meet the need of the people. Some of them are:

  • Regence Health Savings Account
  • Blue Selections
  • Short-Term Medical
  • Individual Dentacare

On the other hand families and Individuals choose the dental plans that are packages with various benefits for the people like:

  • Simple co- pay of $15
  • No deductibles or annual maximums
  • Emergency or Routine exams
  • Periodical screenings
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Maintenance are not covered with additional service charge
  • Fillings and x-rays are usually covered with service fee
  • Orthodontia coverage available for family members
  • After six months all major services are provided

Groups plans are also available. And there is no specific group size plans for the people. All the group plans can be availed by any number of people together. But a group of about 200 individuals can choose from the following:

  • Blue Solution
  • Basic Oregon Plan
  • BlueChoices
  • Regence Health Savings Account (51 + employees)
  • Regence Health Savings Account (2-50 employees)

Those Groups which are over the size of 200 members on the other hand choose from the following plans:

  • Regence Health Savings Account
  • BlueChoices
  • Traditional K2
  • Preferred Plans

Plans mentioned under are also group plans but they dont have any specification of size. They are:

  • Dentacare
  • Fee-for-Service Dental
  • Full Service Vision
  • Chiropractic
  • Prescription Medication
  • Value-Added Benefits
  • Complementary Care

Customers who are above the age of 65 qualify for of Regence BCBSOR Medicare plans. They choose from:

  • Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
  • MedAdvantage PPO Plan
  • Companion Plans
  • Preferred Choice Sixty-Five
  • First Choice Sixty-Five

Not only Insurance Plans but also programs are available to take proper care of ones health before problem arises. With this goal of Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon provide the following programs:

  • Fitness Club Discount Program
  • YMCA Discounts
  • At No Cost Monitor Program
  • Weight Management Discount Program
  • TruVision
  • Discount Program on Hearing Aid
  • Safe Beginnings

Service: Regence BCBSOR has grown to be a trustable organization. The members who work for the company are dedicated and always work towards providing their customers with topmost quality insurance plans. Through all this dedication and hard work Regence BCBSOR stand to one of the most reputed company of the state.


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