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Regence BlueShield of Washington

Regence BlueShield of Washington

Regence BlueShield of Washington is a non-profit health care company that is actively involved in healthcare of the state. To go about providing quality healthcare to the people to meet the growing needs of a changing marketplace, Regence BSWA provides individual and group medical, vision, dental and life insurance, Medicare and different government programs and pharmacy benefit management.

To meet the different needs of individuals and families, Regence BSWA offers comprehensive, catastrophic and HSA qualified plans. Every plan is designed to provide the best healthcare coverage. In the Individual Comprehensive plans, there are Selections $500, Preferred Plan $750 and Selections $1,000. The Catastrophic Plans include the Selections Plan $1,500 and Preferred Plan $1,500. The members of Regence BSWA have access to the HSA Qualified Individual Preferred Catastrophic plans.

The Group plans of Regence BlueShield of Washington are another aspect of its effort in providing easy and the best healthcare to the people. The plans are available for small groups (2-50 individuals) as well as large groups (50 or more individuals). Plans coming under group plans include the Regence Health Savings Account FourFront, Selections, Traditional, PPO, Dental, Life and Disability and RegenceRx Pharmacy. The best part of the Regence HSA healthplan is that the members have full ownership of their health care dollars that include a tax-advantaged account to cover for additional medical expenses.

The Traditional Plan provides the members access to the largest provider network of Regence BlueShield of Washington. In addition, members can see directly the specialists as well as other providers without the need of any referrals and there are rural accesses as well. Similarly, the PPO plan provides the members with access to over 19,000 providers in the network of Regence BSWA.

There are two excellent dental plans available for groups, the Traditional Dental and Columbia Dental. Members who are eligible for Medicare get the chance to select from either MedAdvantage Plan or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage.

For the employees of Regence BlueShield of Washington, it is the strength, community focus and the Blue Shield brand that motivate them to work better for the people of the state. The residents find the strength and dependability of Regence BSWA as their motivating factors to go for the health insurance plans the company offers.

The employees of Regence BSWA have a comprehensive knowledge of the different needs of the residents that help them to guide the customers find the right plans for them to suit their needs and budget. The employees of Regence BSWA are always searching for new and better means to help the people. Residents can know more about these plans by going online at their own suitable time.


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