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Sound Health Insurance Caters to Young Adults Needs

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Sound Health Insurance Caters to Young Adults Needs

Sound Health Insurance Caters to Young Adults Needs

Just like the adults and aged people, teens and young adults also require health insurance coverage. People cannot predict when they will get affected by any disease or face any accidents. Even the youngsters who have a good health status may get sick anytime, the treatment of which may lead to a huge medical bill. During this time health insurance coverage relaxes a person from paying such a huge bill.

Sound health insurance has designed some extraordinary health plans to suite the health care requirements of young adults. Although, the type of insurance coverage provided by it is completely new, but one need not worry regarding its authenticity. This is because they are registered under UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company, the most trusted names in the health insurance industry. UniCare is a subsidiary unit of WellPoint Inc, which is one of the leading health benefits providers of United States, serving millions of customers since years.

Sound health insurance offers a whole lot of benefits to all its young and medically fit customers. Two of its powerful market competitors are Atlantis Health Insurance and United Health Care, but Sound Health Insurance emerges as the winner among them when it comes to customer satisfaction and health care service delivery.

At present, Sound health insurance plans are available in the states of Texas and Illinois. Residents of these two states can ask for insurance quotes from the company to evaluate them and purchase health plans accordingly.

Sound health insurance presently has three special kinds of affordable health plan options. They are as follows:

  • Gravity Bender (alias 5000): This plan requires the customer to pay a deductible of $5,000. The minimum amount of premium is $73 each month.
  • Curb Jumper (alias 3000): Customers will have to pay $3,000 for owning this plan. The nominal rate of premium is $82 every month.
  • The Cruiser (alias 1500): for owning this plan, the policyholder will have to pay $1,500. The monthly premiums are between $99 and $121.

For all these 3 plans, customers will have to pay $0 for hospital stays (during the night), preventive care, laboratory tests, X-rays, blood tests etc. Also, for every doctor office visits customers will have to pay $40 as the copayment. Over and above, all these plans entail the customers to pay $150 for emergency room visits and $50 for regular eye checkups.

In addition to this, copayments of $10 and $20 for a 30-day and 60-day generic prescription medication supply are required to be paid by the customers, for each of these plans. It must be kept in mind that all these above-mentioned rates are then only applicable, in case the customer receives health care services from the hospitals and doctors that are within their plan's network. They will be charged extra for visiting health care providers and specialists outside their plan's network.

Every policyholder can access the premium health care provider network of Sound health insurance, consisting of over 42,600 doctors and 207 hospitals.

Sound health insurance offers round-the-clock support services to all its members. Customers can visit their official website at to request insurance quotes and to have more information about their plans and services.

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