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The Golden Rule Insurance Company

The Golden Rule Insurance Company

Golden Rule Insurance Company is in the business of health insurance in America for the last 60 years. The company offers three great health insurance plans to choose from along with the new Saver plans.

Types Of Health Insurance Plans

There are three flexible plans in health care offered by Golden Rule Insurance Company. These are the Health Savings Account Plans, the High Deductible Plans and the Co-Pay Plans.

The Health Savings Account Plans Of Golden Rule Insurance Company

The HSA Plans are extremely beneficial for those who would like to lower their premiums on health insurance but still guaranteeing high quality coverage. It is an excellent choice for the self-employed who prefer triple tax advantages. The HSA plan provides the policyholder a great means to get control over dollars that are spent on health care along with medical decision-making. The different benefits available with HSA Plans include:

  • Getting control of one's health with lower health insurance premium.
  • More Control of One's Dollar Spending on Health Care.
  • Meeting out-of-pocket expenses with savings made on tax advantage.
  • Paying the Health Insurance deductibles with HSA Savings (tax free) or for qualified medical expenses that include prescriptions, dental and vision care.
  • Providing every family with simple calendar year deductible.
Co-Pay Plans Of Golden Rule Insurance Company

This kind of plan is right for those who like to take advantages provided by the different co-pay features. These include:

  • Individuals who are looking for health insurance plans sponsored by employers and are comfortable with the plans.
  • Families having young children who visit doctors regularly on a schedule.
  • Those adults looking for copayment benefits for prescription drugs as well as preventive care.
High Deductible Plans Of Golden Rule Insurance Company

The high deductible plans are a great means to have lower premiums as well as higher responsibility to pay costs for health care. High deductible plans have the following benefits:

  • High Deductible Plans.
  • These kind of plans cost less in comparison to the traditional co-pay plans.
  • Provide lower cost protection for unexpected accidents or illness.
  • Acting as a bridge to Medicare for early retirees.

Golden Rule Insurance Company also provides Saver Plans. These plans come with limited benefits along with lower premiums. Saver Plans are best suited for individuals who are looking to cover bigger expenses and not the routine health care. One can combine Saver Plans with that of Optional Preventive Care Benefits Package of Golden Rule. It must be noted that all products do not come with this kind of add-on. So it is better to ask for information to know the availability of this option for individual needs. In case of non-insurance products, there are certain special rules. These include possibility to discontinue at one's choice and possibility of differences among the states. These are not part of the standard insurance contract.

Some other plans offered by Golden Rule Insurance Company are Short Term Medical and Medical Supplement Insurance Plans.


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