Our Advisors & Team Members

Darlis A. Kirchhofer

Long Term Care Expert

Darlis Kirchhofer is a nationally recognized specialist in Long Term Health Care Solutions. She is dedicated to helping people plan for the physical, emotional and financial burdens Long Term Health Care can have on family and loved ones. This dedication was sparked by the untimely loss of her mother, followed soon after by the stroke-induced dementia of her grandmother. Darlis experienced the catastrophic consequences of being unprepared for these long term care events. She has seen the positive impact on her clients and their loved ones; on how with proper Long Term Care Planning these events are more manageable for all concerned.

She brings her unique experiences and expertise to benefit each client by first educating and explaining what options they have so her clients will make informed decisions. She has learned that each of her clients appreciates being walked through the entire process, from company selection, benefits chosen, through application and underwriting so that each feels comfortable that their plan will perform.

Darlis is licensed throughout the United States and is certified with the National Partnership Program as well as the California, Indiana and New York Partnership Programs. She is an endorsed Agent with the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance and a member of The National Ethics Association.

Her clients enjoy the ease of meeting with Darlis by phone and the convenience of a simple screen sharing technology, allowing her clients to review their options while viewing her computer screen.

Darlis works with the top insurance companies in the industry who feature Long Term Care Solutions including traditional plans and Linked benefit products that include life insurance or annuities with Long Term Care benefits. This allows for the most flexibility in options for her clients. She understands how these plans work, how they are underwritten as well as the claims process.

A California native, Darlis earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Cal State, Long Beach. In her free time she enjoys traveling, hiking, reading and cooking. She volunteers her time with both the senior citizen community and with cats in need of shelter.

Mission Statement: To educate and inform my clients about their options regarding Long Term Care and financial planning so they are able to make informed decisions. Decisions based on what is in their best interest to insure my client's and their families are protected. Utilize all available resources and products available, and provide the highest level of ongoing service and commitment to my client's and their family members.

Michele Perloe

Long Term Care Expert

Perloe Financial is a firm with a solid commitment to helping clients plan for a secure retirement. More than 25 years ago, Ross Perloe started providing sound financial solutions. His wife Michele specializes in protecting assets with long term care insurance.

For years Michele Perloe noticed most people did not have a plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. With a background in corporate sales management and consulting, she saw first-hand how many of her friends and coworkers did not have the proper strategies in place to not only grow their wealth safely, but protect their future retirement income and life savings from the emotional, and financial costs and burdens of an extended Long Term Health Care event.

She knew, as a wife, mother and caretaker how a Long Term Care event can be a burden on loved ones. She has spent the last few years taking care of her father and stepmother...from the daily trips to the doctors, to the emergency calls in the middle of the night...she understands the emotional and financial toll that caretaking has on families.

Michele knows that when families do not have the resources to care for a loved one, it can impact lifestyle and quality of their care. Michele knows that simple, affordable steps can ease the burden and protect income and assets.

Perloe Financial represents the top companies in LTC planning. Michele understands how these plans work, how they get underwritten, and how they can help protect the savings and future retirements of her clients.

Michele looks forward to bringing her knowledge and passion to your long term care planning.

Claudia Rallis

Content Head

Claudia has always had a love of science and a fascination with the natural world. She earned her bachelor's degree at Bennington College, where she studied biology with a focus on evolution and behavior and also completed internships with Harvard and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She has a passion for sharing knowledge with others and making scientific research interesting and accessible to all.

Subhankar Ray

Machine Learning Guru

Subhankar has worked on large scale web crawler, and recommender system for e-commerce websites. His team also did statistical machine learning based rapid customer segmentation and retention analysis using structured and unstructured data. He also worked as a product manager for Ericsson for their 3G GSM/GPRS wireless infrastructure unit for over 8 years. He was active in several standard bodies for location based mobile services. He has 3 approved patents, and an MS in EE, and an MBA (with focus on Finance). He lives with his family in the greater Boston area.

Dr. Felix Philipp Lutz

Marketing Guru

Felix has been working in neuromarketing for the past six years and has been studying the neurosciences since the late 80's while working on his Ph.D. thesis on consciousness and public memory in Germany. For many years, he was a professor of International Relations at Schiller International University, an American University in Heidelberg. He has been working in various positions in marketing and branding in consulting firms (head of trends and brands dept. at Roland Berger Market Research, Germany, head of dept. including public policy, health, new technologies and consumer forecasting at PROGNOS AG, Basel, Switzerland, senior consultant at Sinus-Sociovision, Heidelberg). He was an associate professor of international relations at Mainz and Munich University and also taught IR at Heidelberg University. For several years, he gathered extensive experiences in the field of nueromarketing with the Munich based consulting firm "Gruppe Nymphenburg". He was also head and CEO of the "International Business School" in Berlin, a private university, where he introduced neuromarketing into the curriculum of the bachelor programme. He is currently a research affiliate at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University.