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Comparison helps to choose your insurance plan

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Comparison helps to choose your insurance plan

Comparison helps to choose your insurance plan

Comparison between insurance plans helps to choose a better plan among the different insurance policy. To make that right choice it is necessary to have an idea about the different criteria. After a decision is reached about which criteria is needed or apt for you, a self employed person needs to decide which policy to choose from various insurance policy that is available in the market. To choose we need to take into account few things as cost, location, providers and services.

Services: Comparison of the services offered and things needed are essential before starting. The better the match the more apt the plan is for you. If any chronic disease is suffered by patient under plan or any of your family members then the insurance should be one which not only covers the medicine charges but also equipments and all needed by the patient. The best way to make any choices is to know about what any insurance does not offer. That way you can get sure about any perfect insurance plan for yourself.

Choice: Choice means choices about doctors, hospitals, medical cares etc. The choices about doctors whether primary or specialist is made from a list. Various kinds of hospitals and doctors that are available in the list may or may not suffice the needs of you and your family. Then knowledge about few of the options available is necessary. Like: Whether you can opt for changing the primary doctor or specialist doctors by yourself. It is also important to know whether any prior approval is needed from the plan before referring yourself to any doctor.

Location: Any care or services that are needed should be near to the place of your residence. The hospitals and doctors that you choose from the list made available through the plan should be near to the place of your stay. Not only that but you need to take into notice whether you are covered in other hospitals if emergency arrives outside your locality.

Cost: Each and every insurance policy has its own premium charges and a self employed person is to decide on its insurance policy based on that. This is more so because premiums for individual care are much larger than group policies. Also each and every expense is not covered by the plan. So you need to know:

  1. If there are any deductible that needs to be paid before insurance covers the cost?
  2. What part of the cost is paid by the insurance after you have made the payment for the deductible?
  3. Whether the amount varies with the type of service or hospital used?
  4. How much of the co-payment is to be made by you for any visit to a doctor?
  5. If the doctor is someone you choose outside the plan then how much is to be paid by you?
  6. Is there any limit for major illness or not?
  7. If there is any limit then whether it is for any individual pay for care through lifetime?

Quality: Quality of a plan is of prior importance to any people acquiring insurance. Quality depends on doctors and hospitals under the plan. We can check out for good doctors from the internet itself. While managed plan are regulated by the Federal and State agencies indemnity plan are regulated by the State Insurance Commissions so we can acquire knowledge about any insurance by calling on the insurance commission people.

It is also important to know whether the plan is accredited or not. ‘Accredited’ means to meet certain standards of independent organization. Accredited plans are much better and people of certain group organization or Medicaid opt for accredited plans.

The quality of any plans can also be checked by knowing whether the plan reviews the qualification of doctors under the list. Any plan is high on quality if it reviews itself changes its problem areas and resolves complaints. You can ask the plan for a report of the survey results they had obtained earlier to have an idea about the experiences of other clients and how it was handled.

Some insurance plans have introduced the option of “report cards” which have details about the survey and satisfaction of people. The report card also includes information about how many members are parts of the plan and how many members have left. Also how many days you have to wait to get your service from the doctors of the plan and whether those doctors are certified or not. People can know the opinions of members already into the plan.

Choice of doctors: It is always important to choose the right doctor as the doctor will be the partner for the entire plan. In some plans there is limited choice of doctors while others offer certain preferred doctors for whom we can pay less than others. There are few questions that need to be known before deciding on any policy like:

  1. Information about doctors’ training and exercise from Medical offices
  2. Basic information about doctors from Directory of Medical Specialists
  3. Also internet sites gives information on Physicians
  4. You can also know whether a doctor is certified or not. All doctors are licensed practitioner but those who have completed several years of training and passed an exam are known to be certified one
  5. Whether any complaints were ever launched against the doctor ever

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