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How to choose and use your own health plan

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How to choose and use your own health plan

How to choose and use your own health plan

Most of the Health insurance plans are more or less similar in their offering so it is important to know the details before opting for one suited to you. You need to find out the following before engaging yourself to any insurance plan

  1. Services offered in dental area by the plan
  2. Services for eye care included in the plan
  3. Emergency and hospitalization care in the plan
  4. Care from specialists
  5. Physical and health screenings services
  6. Drugs under prescription

You also need to ask of whether

  1. Mental health care and counseling is provided
  2. Drug and alcohol abuse care is provided or not
  3. Services in family planning that is included
  4. Care for chronic diseases already present or disabilities
  5. Rehabilitation care and physical therapy regarding any disabilities or diseases
  6. Care from hospital & nursing home
  7. Alternative health care (Acupuncture or Homeopathy)
  8. Experimental treatments

Some plans also offer the following as

  1. Vaccination for children
  2. Pap smears and other medical diagnostic treatment for women
  3. Help to people who want to quit smoking

To chose a plan a person needs to be clear headed about few questions so that they can decide on their best plan like:

  1. Whether you are ok with paper work like keeping receipt and filing claims?
  2. How much can you spend on your premiums?
  3. Whether cost services are important to you?
  4. How convenient the care must be?
  5. How comfortable are you regarding primary doctor referring you to specialist doctors?
  6. Whether you are comfortable with the limits of doctors and hospitals?
  7. Upto how much you want your insurance plan to be comprehensive?

Certain specificities are also needed while thinking about acquiring insurance plan like

  1. Whether any family persons have any chronic diseases?
  2. Whether you want to include any elderly persons in the insurance cover?
  3. What is the Insurance cover for family persons who travel more or live outside home most of the time?

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