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Obtaining self employed health insurance from Associations

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Obtaining self employed health insurance from Associations

Obtaining self employed health insurance from Associations

Getting to start your own business is perhaps one of the most difficult things. Especially of you’re just out of the comforts your regular job afforded you. No matter how much you disagree, staying attached with an organization as an employee definitely means getting those perks and extra benefits. And health coverage is perhaps the most important of them that you’ll lose out on the moment you leave your job. But then that must not deter you from opening up your own business. Associations can actually solve your problem of obtaining self- employed health coverage. Here’s how.

Having to start off with a venture single-handedly leaves with you with lesser choices as far as health insurance goes. But the problem can plague you only upto a certain extent. Within that period of time it is best to get in touch with associations that offer coverage with group benefits. Associations providing health insurance to self- employed people work to create ideal products and go on to offer them at affordable prices. Talking of reliable sources, you could check out trade associations and other professional groups. The locally placed chamber of commerce could also be a good choice.

Associations offering health coverage to self- employed persons include the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), National Business Association, American Association of Home Based Businesses, NFIB and others. The National Association for the Self- Employed is one of the biggest forerunners of affordable insurance meant for self- employed persons. This association was formed in 1981 to offer innovative products to smaller organizations. Their intention was to keep all coverage types essentially within the mould offered to companies holding a compelling position in the market. As an association, NASE, attempts to bridge the gap between large corporations and their smaller counterparts so that the latter find their own ground. NASE offers health and life insurance products via the MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company.

The National Business Association (NBA) is also a good choice if you’re intending to invest in your own venture. The organization is non- profit in nature and holds itself responsible for the millions of self employed people within its wings. The association exercises its group powers to obtain the best of prices and benefits for its members. Found in 1982, the National Business Association thrives by offering its self- employed with products and services that only save money but also time. Additionally, the association also educates its members on important areas like health, lifestyle, business etc.

Formed in 1994, the American Association of Home Based Businesses too works for the cause of small businesses and home based start- ups. Considering that millions across America plan on their own businesses, this association helps them learn and take on new challenges.

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