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Insurance deals

Insurance deals

Self employed individuals have to shop for their individual health insurance plan as well as their family and it is nothing short of a nightmare to them. It is an investment of a lifetime and they cannot go wrong in anyway. Recently the number of companies offering insurance has decreased to a mere 60 percent from 70 percent in 2000. Smaller companies are even more penalized while offering insurance to its people. So acquiring insurance is getting tough day by day.

Individual health insurance buyers are worst sufferers in this scenario because there are hundred of loopholes which can lead to a very bad deal. Even people with some pre-conceived diseases may not be offered any insurance cover. Individual buyers get fewer protections if they are not aware of the market by themselves. They also have to shed money from their pocket.

Choosing a wrong policy leads to a much dire consequence for self employed individuals. In an average American home individual health insurance premium costs about $2250 individually and about $4420 for the whole family. Not only this but the cost also includes deductibles (amount paid before insurance pay comes in) co-payments that cuts out a big chunk from the yearly income of an individual. The average income of an US family after deducting taxes is about $38,000 to $44,500. So the payment is about 6 to 12 percent of the total income which is quite huge for a self employed person. Self employed person pay much more (premiums co-payments and deductibles) than a person working in a company and covered under insurance. So for him the burden is much more.

Individual Health Insurance Offers follows State Law and so have fewer protection for self employed. But employees under a company are protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which does not allow any discrimination between employees. This helps people with prior medical problems to be included into the insurance cover without much difficulty. This discrepancy is mainly because insurers think that people buy insurance when they are already sick or at higher risk of getting sick.

In U.S. Health Insurance benefits are state specific. About 45 states deny coverage to individuals with prior medical problems. But now more and more insurance companies are targeting self employed people. There are some big companies that are changing fast in this market dealing. But as the choice increases so does the loopholes and confusion of choosing the right plan.

The first step is to know about the states rules and policies in insurance. This makes it easier for the client to navigate from one policy to the other.

Secondly the options and criteria needed for you are to be chalked out. This can easily be done through talks with insurance agents and information obtained from different web sites.

Then you have to decide on the affordability of cost and upto how much you are willing to pay to get yourself covered. Low premiums can also mean higher deductibles and co-payments by the clients.

There are different insurance agencies offering the same type of policies so the criteria are to be compared with each other. There are some premiums which are low compared to others but the deductible is so huge that you end up paying more for the insurance in a yearly basis. So cheaper premiums, does not mean better insurance. They have some discrepancies regarding services and policies compared to others.

Sites are available for comparing 3 to 4 policies at the same time with their individual requirement and criteria. You are supposed to be careful while deciding on a plan whether long term or short term with a view to continue under the cover. Insurance agencies look for gaps into the thoughts of the client so that they can make more money so the customer has to be equipped with more knowledge.


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