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Access to Resources for Medicaid and Medicare

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Access to Resources for Medicaid and Medicare

Access to Resources for Medicaid and Medicare

The Atlantic Information Services Inc. also commonly known as AIS, has recently brought out its 2009 edition of the Medicaid and Medicare Factbook. This book contains all the factual resources which are generally required by health care professionals, new members and enrollees. This article portrays the various highlights of the 2009 Factbook along with other important details.

One of the largest publishers of the nation, the AIS (Atlantic Information Services Inc.) released its latest edition of the 2009 MANAGED MEDICARE & MEDICAID FACTBOOK on April 22, this year at Washington D.C. This is in fact one of the most important publications for this year, as it includes all the details and facts regarding the newly devised regulations of the original Medicare program, the Medicare Advantage plans along with the different Medicaid policies.

The book also contains the recently declared rates of the Medicare Advantage plans scheduled for the year 2010. It provides a handy reference to people seeking information on these plans and is going to get insured by the next year.

General Features of the 2009 Factbook

The 2009 Factbook for Medicaid and Medicare is released in two mediums, CD and Print medium. It is a very good information source for finding the rates, pricing strategies of insurance companies along with other details. It consists of the following:

  • Information on the plan's dealings with the probable reductions in the Medicare Advantage compensation, along with the increasing expenses and deteriorating financial condition of the country
  • Details on SNP's (Special Needs Plans), with respect to each state along with registration data
  • Promotion of the Medicare Part D program, which is now reviewed closely by the federal and state governments
  • Sign up procedures and information on market share
  • A catalog of Medicare managed care plans, PDP and others
  • A directory of prescription drugs eligible for coverage via PDPs
  • Outcome of the yearly survey of the Medicaid pharmacy administrators and many others

2009 Factbook CD-ROM Version highlights

The 2009 Factbook, which is available in an illustrated compact disc version, includes the following things:

  • The CMS figures in spreadsheets format. It is compatible to read with Microsoft Excel application. The data can also be manipulated by the users
  • The past records of the Medicaid and Medicare including the managed care policies
  • A complete listing of the Special Needs Plans
  • Information of the enrollees for Medicare Part D along with the benefits details
  • Mailing directories and other components as featured in the book

Along with all these, the 2009 Factbook CD contains a PDF copy of the book, by which users will be able to go to any specific section of the book easily.

The 2009 Factbook published by the AIS allows the health care professionals to predict the changing trends which would be practiced in Medicare, Medicaid programs and also for the PDP's, SNP's and Medicare Advantage plans. The resources offered by this book will allow them to plan more gainful bids later, manage development, and increase enrollment rate for the programs. Additional information about the 2009 Factbook is accessible at the company webpage's of AIS, i.e.

Brief Information about Atlantic Information Services

AIS Inc. is responsible for developing factual information, specified news along with strategies for health care professionals, administrators of health insurance programs, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical insurance companies. It brings out various resourceful publications periodically, which offers huge benefit to the health care industry personnel. Interested readers can know more about AIS Inc. by visiting their official portal at


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