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Aged Citizens Convene to Advocate Medicare Advantage

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Aged Citizens Convene to Advocate Medicare Advantage

Aged Citizens Convene to Advocate Medicare Advantage

Funding for Medicare has been proposed to be reduced. As a result, the premiums of the Medicare Advantage policies are destined to rise up. This has led to a great concern among the members, as maintaining the insurance coverage will be much unaffordable for them. In order to protest this, the aged and the disabled citizens of Philadelphia have recently convened to request the government to listen to their needs. The Independence Blue Cross has also rendered their helping hand to promote the cause. This article discusses the issue.

On April 28, 2009 the local aged along with the disabled Medicare Advantage policyholders convened together at Philadelphia, in order to discuss their own experience of deriving benefits from their medical insurance plans and express their worries about the recently proclaimed decrease on federal finance, which will possibly lead to increase in the premium rates.

The summoned members of the Medicare Advantage policies, along with Independence Blue Cross comprehended the legal operations taking place in Washington D.C. It also mailed written applications along with supporting videotapes to the nominated personnel just to enumerate the importance of the Medicare Advantage policies for the senior members and the disabled.

The condition has got grave concern as there are some members who are thinking of discontinuing their present insurance coverage if premiums are raised further. If this happens they will have to switch to the usual Medicare program, which offer lesser benefits and involves more expenses from the members.

The rally was organized at Columbus Boulevard's Penns Landing Caterers in Philadelphia. The Coalition for Medicare Choices hosted the convention. Parallel meetings are being organized in different cities and states situated nationwide.

It is an undoubted fact that Medicare Advantage policies give an array of health benefits to all its members. It also stresses on offering precautionary health care for the health benefits of the policyholders.

Around 38% of the Medicare members of Pennsylvania are under the coverage of Medicare Advantage policies. This amounts to around 840,000 disabled and senior members. Pennsylvania's leading Medicare insurance provider, Independence Blue Cross alone offers coverage services to about 140,000 citizens.

The reduction of spending on Medicare was ordered by the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid). As per the CMS, the plan members save around $90 monthly via superior benefits and lesser upfront charges, when evaluated against Fee-For-Service plans of Medicare. Recent surveys conducted in this regard prove that 90% Medicare Advantage policyholders are contended with their insurance program as a whole.

The Independence Blue Cross is thus supporting the senior Medicare Advantage beneficiaries in their attempts to speak up against reduction of spending to Medicare and increase in premiums. In this current recession, it is very hard for the aged and the disabled to retain health insurance and if the premiums are increased then many people may have to lose their coverage. The activities of the seniors in the convention were really remarkable. Plans are being proposed to hold back the spending cuts.

Independence Blue Cross is the foremost health insurance providers of Pennsylvania. It is delivering exceptional services to its members for over 70 years. The plans of IBC are designed in such a way so that it suites the needs of every citizens. Additional information of the company is available online in their website at The company is independently registered under BCBSA (Blue Cross Blue Shield Association).

Coalition for Medicare Choices is a fast developing company of Medicare Advantage members. Above 810, citizens of 50 states of the country enrolled in this organization to safeguard the coverage they get from the Medicare Advantage policies. Readers can stopover in their official website at to avail more information.


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