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Alameda Alliance CompleteCare offers OTC benefits

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Alameda Alliance CompleteCare offers OTC benefits

Alameda Alliance CompleteCare offers OTC benefits

The Alameda Alliance for Health has recently announced on March, 2009 that those members who are enrolled to Alliance CompleteCare can now receive Over-the-Counter benefits. Such a provision will now allow the existing and the new members to access medications at no extra cost. This article explains the entire scene along with various other details of the announcement.

The customers of Alameda Alliance for Health who have subscribed to the Alliance CompleteCare can now opt for OTC (Over-the-Counter) Drug Benefits. These benefits offer OTC Medicines and medical provisions at no cost and deliver them directly at the members' place of residence. In addition to this, the benefits offer a subsidy of $20 once in each 3 months. This allowance can be utilized to buy non-prescription medications and provisions from an illustrated OTC catalog of Alliance CompleteCare. The supplies are dispatched directly at the doorsteps of the houses of members.

CompleteCare from Alameda Alliance for Health is one type of Medicare Advantage SNP, which is also known as Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan. It is a blend of the benefits of Medicare, Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug coverage) and Medi-Cal into a single plan. With this plan, the members are not required to pay any type of premiums, neither to handle with complicated documents, bills and plans, nor to manage their personal complex care requirements from several doctors.

There are proficient, capable Care Advisors who are well versed in speaking multiple languages. They are there to assist the members in arranging appointments with the doctors, manage care services and reply to the queries of members. Since January 2008, Alliance CompleteCare commenced offering services to its members and has signed up a total of thousand members by the first week of March, 2009.

From January 1, 2009, the members, who signed up for this Medicare Advantage SNP started availing these Over-the-Counter benefits. New enrollees will have access to the OTC supplies upon attaining the quarter session, subsequent to the period of their registration to Alliance CompleteCare. The subsidy of $20 will be provided in every 4th quarter in the year 2009. The OTC benefits that were not paid in one quarter will be provided at par in the following quarter, which needs to be utilized before the commencement of January 1, 2010.

The CEO for Alameda Alliance for Health; Ms. Ingrid Lamirault has expressed her concern for miseries of people in the current recession phase. That is why she claimed that Alameda Alliance has desired to take a drastic step to minimize the health care costs to an extent by introducing the OTC Benefit. As per Lamirault, with this benefit, the members of Alliance CompleteCare may now be able to lead a healthy life and save money on the different medications, health care services and treatments.

A broad variety of OTC medicines and provisions are being covered by the Alliance CompleteCare catalog. All these supplies include drugs and shots for healing migraine, arthritics relief and also for protection from various viral diseases. Plus, the supplies also contain skin care items, solutions for contact lenses along with multiple OTC provisions. All these products get delivered free of cost to the member's places of residence, in between 3 business days. Members can log in to the official website of Alliance CompleteCare; which is for more information on the company and to browse through the complete catalog of the other OTC products.

The Alameda Alliance for Health is a regional non-profit making health plan which is certified by the state. It made its debut in the year 1996, and has been developed for the people living in Alameda County, to offer better health care services and for being affordable for the people who have limited income. With the passage of time, Alliance has strived a lot to enhance the quality of health care delivery for its members. Presently, Alliance has above 95,000 members enrolled in it. Still many people are choosing it as their premiere option of availing a health care plan through health care programs that comprises Health Families, Medi-Cal, Alliance CompleteCare and Alliance Group Care. Additional information about Alameda Alliance for Health is available at


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