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Amendments Proposed for Medicare

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Amendments Proposed for Medicare

Amendments Proposed for Medicare

The age-old regulations that were so long in practice in the Medicare system will now change soon. The newly proposed legislations which will soon transform majority of the health care scenario of US. Most of the flaws are rectified under the new system and efforts are being made to extend coverage for the uninsured. This article discusses the amendments in brief.

On April 21, 2009, the health care experts and the policymakers remarked that the aged population of the country will soon perceive drastic alterations in the Medicare programs as the Congress have started their operations on implementing health care reform proposals.

The experts urged the interested Senate Finance Committee that the Medicare system must be amended, to help in the creation of a productive and improved health care environment in the nation. As per them, the government should take enough initiatives to save money so as to reinforce Medicare and bring the uninsured citizens under its coverage.

Presently, Medicare offers coverage to around 45 million seniors and disabled residents of the United States, and its regulations prepares the base for most of the private health insurance organizations. The new amendments for Medicare will allow the senior members to avail better follow-up health care services from their family physicians and also from nurses.

Provisions are being taken to introduce one-time successful treatment procedure for patients affected with chronic disorders, in such a way so that they wouldn't have to get readmitted to the hospitals for further treatment.

Not only this, but the new changes would also affect the doctors along with the hospitals. Under the new amendments, the primary care physicians will get more Medicare payments as they diagnose the patients at the initial hour, and offer them care 24 hours. An inquiry will be conducted over the long prescriptions, multiple medical tests and screenings instructed by the specialists to their patients.

A hospital that fails to offer necessary follow-up health care services to their patients and indirectly induce them to get readmission for similar repeated treatment; will be subjected pay fines. All these new amendments will also be applicable to Medicaid, the other popular federal-based health care program that offers coverage to around 50 million citizens with poor earnings.

Senator Max Baucus, the Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Democratic leader of Montana, claims that all the amendments are proposed to make Medicare non-discriminatory and flawless. Most of the changes suggested, are because of the initiatives of Baucus in alliance with other senators. The final legislation that would introduce these changes in Medicare will help in cutting down costs and extend coverage to approximately around 50 million people who are devoid of any health insurance.

The financial experts along with the Congress officials will sit together with both the Republicans and Democrats, to discuss further about the successful implementation of the alterations to the Medicare system. It is expected that by the end of this year's summer, the amendments will be applied to Medicare.


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