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Assess your Insurance Plans in the Lung Cancer Month -Combined Insurance

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Assess your Insurance Plans in the Lung Cancer Month -Combined Insurance

Assess your Insurance Plans in the Lung Cancer Month -Combined Insurance

During all November, the Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Combined Insurance, one of United States' leading supplemental insurance provider, has taken the initiative to spread the awareness of the impact of lung cancer treatments costs and the remedy to get protected from such an impact.

Lung Cancer holds the number one position when it comes to cancer death in the U.S. Therefore, November which is called the “Lung Cancer Awareness Month” is the apt time to draw the consumer's attention towards issues regarding Lung Cancer.

Lung Cancer cases can be divided into two broad categories. One is the Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, which is most commonly found, and the other one is the Small Cell Cancer. However a startling revelation is that more than 60 percent of cases of confirmed lung cancer patients are either non-smokers or smokers who already have left smoking years back. The ratio is something like one in five women and one in twelve in case of men.

The National Institute of Cancer (NCI) has reported that the number women that have died in lung cancer since 1987 is greater than breast cancer cases, which was at the top of the cancer death reason list for 40 years. The American Cancer Society adds that it is estimated that almost 100000 women will be detected with lung cancer in 2008 and 71000 will die in the United States.

Becky Mills, the Research and Development and Product Marketing, Vice President has said that as per a survey done by the American Cancer Society, 67.3 percent of all lung cancer treatment costs are non-medical in nature and hence go uncovered. Therefore acquiring a supplemental insurance is very essential under such circumstances. Supplemental Insurance essentially covers those additional but imperative expenses which are not covered by primary insurance.

Supplemental Insurance should be ideally used for covering gaps, which is not getting covered through the existing insurance plan.

Benefits that can be generally covered under supplemental insurance plans are:

  • Daily benefits for hospital stays
  • Intensive care
  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • Surgery and anesthesia
  • Preventive care
  • First diagnosis
  • Blood and plasma

Major Supplemental Insurance Plans provide added benefits:

  • Immediate coverage on issuance of policy
  • Coverage options for individual and family
  • Flexibility of premiums
  • Payment of benefits directly to the insured, regardless of other insurer
  • Benefit consistency regardless of age of claims already paid

With a cancer-specific supplemental policy, people can actually be relieved of any financial burdens and move ahead with the treatment fearlessly.

Mills also pointed out that the selection of the right insurance provider is very important in this regard. She recommended a provider or agent who is equipped to meet us in person and understand our existing coverage which is being provider by our primary insurance provider, and subsequently suggests the right supplemental plan which fits our individual or family requirements, within our budget.

Combined Insurance, is a provider of supplemental life, health and accidental insurance and is a member of the ACE Group of Companies. The staff strength of the company is more than 1000 individuals worldwide, and it is the fastest growing company in terms of reach to people in providing supplemental health coverage.

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