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Best Practice Award for South Carolina Blue Cross Government Programs

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Best Practice Award for South Carolina Blue Cross Government Programs

Best Practice Award for South Carolina Blue Cross Government Programs

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of the South Carolina Government Programs Division was recognized with the 2008 Best Practice Award for health care compliance. The honor was given by The Health Ethics Trust, a division of the Council of Ethical Organizations.

Subsidiary companies under the Government Programs include, Palmetto, TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, Instil Health Insurance Co., PGBA, GBA and Q2 administrators. These companies have a tie up with the federal government to provide services for health care programs such as Medicare or Tricare. Compliance officers are appointed for each of these companies independently, who ensure that all contracts are fulfilled in accordance to the standards and laws of the respective government programs.

The Blue Cross was honored with the Best Practice Award for adhering to continued awareness of compliance to all employees under the program. The awareness was spread through publications like Government Programs Compliance Handbook, newsletters like Compliance Common and compilation of real-life compliance-related cases like Ethics Almanac.

Cindy Cooper, one of the compliance officers under the program said that there is a lot of emphasis on spreading a lot of compliance related information to all employees. She also reiterated that one of the basic reasons of the success of the government program subsidiaries is the employees' commitment to high ethical standards and compliance.

The Best Practice Award is annually held by the Health Ethics Trust, in order to enhance knowledge and propagate awareness for better practices in health care compliance. Targets are set for the growth of awareness about the importance of compliance in the field Health-Care, recognize the accomplishments done within the health-care programs and also exchange ideas among compliance programs of different companies.

A total of 6930 employees function under the Government Programs Division of the Blue Cross, which is based in Columbia, South Carolina.

Palmetto GBA, one of the subsidiaries, provide administrative and claims services for different Medicare programs.

PGBA on the other hand processes the largest number of medical and hospital claims for Tricare Health Program for the Department of Defense, in the U.S. However it also processes claims for Medicare Advantage Plans and basic enrolment and administrative services.

Instil Insurance Co is primarily into widespread marketing of the Medicare Advantage and Part D plans in South Carolina and Georgia. Additionally, it also extends administrative services to the Medicare Advantage plans.

TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, which is based in Dallas, Texas, provides claims services to all Medicare Plans.

Q2 Administrators provides appeal services to Medicare cases and is based in Ohio.

All the above subsidiaries together with Blue Cross Blue Shield have individual licenses and are registered under the Blue Cross Association.

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