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Boehner Informs Arrival of GOP Substitutive Health Reform

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Boehner Informs Arrival of GOP Substitutive Health Reform

Boehner Informs Arrival of GOP Substitutive Health Reform

On July 23, 2009, the Republican leader of Ohio and the Minority group head, John Boehner informed about the arrival of substitutive health reform legislation for the Republicans, but he did not informed about the exact date of its formulation. Boehner stated this in a news conference held on the same day.

Just before the commencement of the conference, the House GOP officials were ready with few of their queries; The Hill informed that Boehner's fellow republican leader Roy Blunt has remarked that his team may not be even required to present a proposal in front of the people.

Blunt is the president of House GOP Health Care Solutions Group. Since months, the members of this association assembled every week in order to prepare a substitutive health reform proposal, which would be satisfactory to all the members present in the GOP convention.

About thirty-six days earlier, Blunt promised that the House Republican leaders will prepare their proposed bill within a month, but still the date of its arrival is unknown. The Democratic leaders are now all set to question Blunt about this delay in formulation of the bill. Blunt was even forwarded an email from Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, also known as DSCC, questioning him about his inability to keep his promise of preparing the bill within a month.

Earlier, Blunt has claimed that Medicaid and Medicare are nothing but a misstep on behalf of the government and now he has stated that he is not going to provide any further solutions concerning health care improvement. Eric Schultz, the director of DSCC communications team has accused Blunt for being one of the main reasons, for which Americans confront health care problems even today. Schultz also stressed about the inappropriateness of Blunt's presence in the US Senate.

Not only had this, but the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) also stated similar examples of inefficiencies and neglectful nature of many GOP leaders. In the middle of June 2009, the House Republican leaders exposed few official documents that stated the proposal of Blunt for a new substitutive reform bill. According to this proposal, no preference will be shown towards the government-administered public health plan. Also, every individual will be supported to avail the benefit of incentives; an idea to make health insurance coverage much easier to afford. In addition to this, millions of children and adults who are presently eligible for SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid respectively will be encouraged to reap the benefits of these available plan resources.

Until now, the Republican leaders have introduced modifications bit by bit to the existing Democratic proposals in the controlling committees. However, still they are unable to put forward a comprehensive bill that would specify the total costs of their health reform proposal.

Without the availability of a comprehensively detailed legislation, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) is thus unable to score a substitutive reform proposal put forward by the Republican leaders.

Boehner also claimed that they will not allow the CBO to score their legislation so soon, because there are many conditions mentioned in their bill that still needs discussion. As per him, the Republicans are still unknown about when the reform bill will be brought out. But it is expected that when it does, it would be notified to the press in earlier.


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