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Cancer-Screening-Coach Released by Bassett Healthcare

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Cancer-Screening-Coach Released by Bassett Healthcare

Cancer-Screening-Coach Released by Bassett Healthcare

The long-awaited Cancer-Screening Vehicle was finally launched the New York Central Fire Insurance Co. parking lot by Bassett HealthCare on Wednesday, 12 November 2008 in Edmeston.

The coach will be in complete operation in early December and promises to bring state-of-the-art cancer-screening equipment to the remote parts of the 5600 square mile area of Bassett's eight counties, said Dr. William Streck, the CEO of Bassett.

The primary reason for such a step has been taken due to findings that people staying in remote rural areas do not have the awareness of cancer and by the time they are finally detected with the dreaded disease it is already at an advanced stage, said Streck.

A 40-feet long coach has been designed to contain all the latest equipments available in a modern hospital. These can be easily carried to the remote countryside, where people can simply stop by for tests like PAP or mammogram, prostrate or colorectal cancer screening.

An early detection to these diseases can definitely increase the chances of survival.

Medical Coaches Inc. of Oneonta, are the creators of this coach.

Friends of Bassett, the fundraiser for the hospital, had been overwhelmed by the remarkable response by the community in Bassett, with large contributions from SEFCU, a credit union organization based in Albany, New York Central. A total of $890000 has been collected said Dr. Streck.

Dan Robinson, CEO and President of New York Central Mutual, read out a list of employees, who had died due to Cancer because of late detection. He also reiterated that there were also employees who have been tested early and treated successfully and that more than 1000 employees have been tested already. Therefore the coach in place of the traditional hospital vehicle, has a clear and significant objective ahead, and is a vehicle of hope said Robinson.

Mike Hutcherson, the SEFCU VP, conveyed that the Credit Union actually wanted to actively assist in this mission and covered his salute to the Bassett unit for its commitment.

The coach has its objective clearly mentioned on both sides like “For Peace of Mind” and “For Early Detection”.

Inside the Coach, the waiting rooms are located just behind the driver cabin. The examination rooms are situated in the middle and rear sections of the vehicle. The vehicle also has its own generator facilities unlike other Medical care vehicles.

Director of the Bassett Cancer Institute, Dr. William Richstmeier said that the vehicle will reach anywhere and everywhere where there is inhabitation.

He said that it has been observed that often people avoid for such screening tests because they cannot devote time out of work to travel and also feel that these tests are very expensive. Therefore now a remedy has been found in the fact the hospital will in itself travel to the people and is also has some attractive packages to help them with the bills.

Brenda Nutt, the hospital's Regional Radiation Manager, has also declared that Bassett is switching over from Analog to Digital Mammography to provide sharper images, which can be transferred from one expert to another smoothly as well. This equipment has also been incorporated in the coach and will have a doctor on board as well.


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