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Child Health Bill requires Doctor-owned hospitals to charge less from children

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Child Health Bill requires Doctor-owned hospitals to charge less from children

Child Health Bill requires Doctor-owned hospitals to charge less from children

The Child Health Bill worries doctors who own hospitals. Several propositions by the opponents' claims, that, doctors recommend their patients to get treated in their own hospitals and derive more profit. The Bill presently requires these hospitals to charge minimum price from poor children, in return of the care services. There are other accusations that have been put on these hospitals. This article discusses the fact in details and also brings out points in support of these hospitals.

The Child Health Bill ultimately managed to sweep its route through the Congress and provide a unique facility for children from poor families. This January 21, 2009, the Bill makes it obligatory for hospitals owned by doctors, to charge a very lesser price for the treatment provided to these poor children with health insurance policies. Thus it may sound as a good news for these children and their families but not good enough for the doctors and physicians who own such hospitals.

From the year 1990, the number of the hospitals, owned by the physicians and doctors has risen to nearly 200. But simultaneously they have also got caught up in lots of disagreements and have thus become an issue of debate. The allies are of the opinion that these hospitals are much capable enough to concentrate on providing two medical services and treatments (like cardiac treatment and kidney care) at the same time, without any hurdles. By doing so, they also help the patients and their healthcare policies (generally Medicaid or Medicare etc.) to save much money for their healthcare treatments.

On the other hand the opponents' remarks that many doctors often recommend their patients to the hospitals which are owned by them or have a profit share. These help these doctors to obtain a huge sum of money from the patients and their health insurance policies, as they often prescribe them more exams/screenings or conduct a needless surgery. Opponents also squabble for the fact that the doctor-owned hospitals also offer unnecessary treatments to some patients who are healthy and without any health disorders. This generally affects the economic condition of the other hospitals and care centers, many of which are non-profit seeking.

The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee, Rep. Pete Stark has forwarded a stipulation, which would in fact cease the upcoming physician-owned hospitals from being established. The recommended legislation will in fact forbid taking of the immoral bribes by the doctors from the patients, through their owned hospitals.

From a long time onwards the California Democrat has strived a lot but has not succeeded in preventing the expansion of physician-owned hospitals, among stringent Republican resistance and repeated rejections by former President George W. Bush. As per the Legislation of Rep. Pete Stark that was passed in the year 1989, it forbids physicians from recommending their patients for availing care in their owned hospitals.

The inclusion of the Stark legislation in the Child health Bill has however paused the setting up of doctor-owned hospitals; that would also have an impact on such existing hospitals who had intended to increase their boundaries in the coming days. Although the Child Health Bill was sanctioned by the House this January 2009, but the Senate edition (this edition doesn't puts any prohibitions on doctor-owned hospitals) is still waiting for getting authorization, that will also be provided soon. However the ultimate bill is to be approved by new President Barrack Obama very soon.

It has been calculated by the Congressional Budget Office, that vetoes on the doctor-owned hospitals which is integrated with the House edition of the Bill, can help Government to rescue $1.2 billion and enable them to reduce Medicare expenses. Some of the Congressmen are depending on this saved money to be used for stretching the network of the proposed Child Health Bill.

However, many people including the President of Physician Hospitals of America, Mr. Brett Gosney, are of the opinion that doctor-owned hospitals help in saving the wealth of the Government by offering the best medical treatments to patients under critical conditions, without charging them or their Medicare coverage extra sum of money. This has been stated depending on few studies that were conducted by the Government itself. So as per Gosney and several other supporters, there is no point in curbing the growth of these hospitals as they give effective outcomes at affordable prices. They comment that the accusations made against doctor-owned hospitals are fabricated by the opponents.

In case the ultimate bill contains the proposed prohibitions, then the present doctor-owned hospitals will not be permitted to extend the number of rooms and beds for patients, thus resulting to their gradual downfall. The legislation will also forbid the Medicare compensation to the upcoming doctor-owned hospitals, counting the 85 new under construction buildings, which are yet planned to be developed into such hospitals.

The Child Health Bill also obligates that those physician-owned hospitals, which have not got the last authorization to obtain Medicare compensation by January 1 of this year, will not be allowed to take part in the governmental healthcare agenda. It is needless to say that a majority of these hospitals will not run in absence of the trade stimulated by the patients having Medicare coverage. Many doctors now fear as this Bill can straightaway turn nearly 50 physicians, out of work.

Doctor-owned hospitals are generally termed as specialty hospitals, as they offer expert care services to different patients who are in need of specific medical care (like emergency surgery, pregnancy cases and others). The general hospitals cannot provide all of these services at the same time to different patients and thus people prefer to visit the doctor-owned hospitals.

Whatever the matter is, it is of grave headache for many doctors and also the patients. Although, the legislations containing various prohibitions on doctor-owned hospitals have been put forward but still, nothing can be said presently until the bill gets the final approval from the Government.

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