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Comprehensive conversion of Medical Data Processing done by CDS

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Comprehensive conversion of Medical Data Processing done by CDS

Comprehensive conversion of Medical Data Processing done by CDS

The Companion Data Services, commonly known as CDS, were at last successful in the doing the comprehensive conversion of Medical Data Processing project. The finishing of this project took about 20 months to complete and will help in better processing of Medicare assertions and claims from different states of the country. This article reports in details about this project and the future prospects that it has brought with itself, in the world of Medicare.

The CDS (Companion Data Services), declared on February 9, 2009 that it has effectively finished the assignment of the conversion of Medicare Data Processing through eleven data centers from all over the nation, within the Columbia-based Medicare EDC (Enterprise Data Center). The assignment took 20 months of time to get completed.

The assignment was a division of the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) endeavor, to merge the Hosting Procedure and the Electronic Data Processing into the high-tech EDC's, in cooperation with the entire Medicare Contracting Reform Initiative. The aims were to renovate the Medicare processes, increase the network of electronic services, reinforce security, enhance competence and minimize expenses. The CMS rewarded a sum of $1.9 billion in the year 2006 including a ten year agreement to 3 organizations namely; IBM, EDS and CDS to manage the latest EDC's.

The Companion Data Services and its mother company offers high-tech healthcare insurance processing options, and control one of the leading health insurance data processing center locales in the globe in favor of Medicare, TRICARE, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage Healthcare policies, Federal Employee Health Benefits Program, in addition to different private health insurance policies.

The CDS, that has its headquarters at Columbia, was appointed to convert back to its own EDC computer operations that deals around 800 Medicare assertions per year. These assertions are delivered by the doctors, hospitals and nursing homes from across 30 states of the country to the claim processing outworkers. The work pressure on the CDS denotes roughly 63% of the country's total capacity, to process Medicare assertions.

On June 2007, the CDS started the conversion project and finished it on February 2009. At this time, all the assertions in the CDS' allotted states are being analyzed and managed via the data processing center of CDS. The EDC Program Coordinator and the Vice President of CDS; Steve Barlow has remarked that the company has aimed in being familiar with the operations of the CMS and all the Medicare outworkers. In the future, CDS is expecting to further strengthen and renovate the IT infrastructure of Medicare.

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